TeamXbox: Fable 2 Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "It may sound completely counterintuitive, but the worst thing that can happen to you as a video games journalist, is to actually play a game you really, really want to play. I mean like play it for twenty minutes at E3 or two or three hours at a dedicated event. And I mean a game that I would be saving my money for even if I didn't do what I get to do. Fable II is one of those games, something I really can't wait to fully sink my teeth into, preferably over a long weekend, with plenty of snacks, some comfy pillows on the couch, and a powered-down cell phone.

I got to play the first couple hours of Fable II recently, at a special event for the San Francisco-based game media (i.e. all of us) put on by Microsoft and Lionhead Studios. They even shipped in Peter Molyneux to chat us up a bit beforehand, sit down with us on an individual basis and just watch people experience his new baby. After all, Fable II was done before E3, right? The guy is obviously excited to show it to the world."

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