Take-Two Refiles for "Agent" Trademark in Anticipation of Abandonment

What’s happening with Take-Two Interactive and Agent? Announced at Sony’s 2009 E3 Press Conference, little has been heard of the title that seems to be on an indefinite hiatus — besides a few different filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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SaveFerris727d ago

I guess this is still alive, at least on paper.

poppinslops727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

It's a good name - one worth hanging onto in the event that Cold War shenanigans come back into vogue - not to mention the fact that R* and Take-Two could probably afford to trademark half of the English lexicon... but, based on what I've read, the game was abandoned in order to bolster GTAV's production.

edit: Don't believe me? Perhaps you'll believe former Rockstar artist Darren Charles Hatton, who worked at the developer for a year between June 2009-2010. He was an environmental artist on Agent, but his team got transferred to Grand Theft Auto V, which has left Agent in an indefinite limbo ever since... he also released some decidedly last-gen looking screenshots, which can be found at

yomfweeee726d ago

Just because 1 person switches his job doesn't prove your theory.

poppinslops726d ago

Did you read the article? It wasn't just Hatton - the whole team was put to work on GTAV... Who knows? maybe some of Agent's ideas ended up being used in Los Santos - certainly the FBI/CIA missions had some 'Bond-esque' qualities, and I wouldn't be surprised if the character-switching mechanic was considered for use in the likes of Red Dead, LA Noire or Agent... THAT is a theory - difficult to prove, but I've found Occam's Razor to be a remarkably effective tool for deciphering the videgame industry.

If Agent still existed then Shinobi & Co would have leaked it by now - lest we forget, R* were unable to keep Red Dead 2 under-wraps and they've since confirmed it's existence, despite it being a year away from launch... Considering the fact that niether R* nor Take Two have said anything about Agent in years, I think it's safe to assume it's been cancelled.

Christopher727d ago

I think it's just an internal joke or something. They keep renewing it just for the heck of it. I never expect anything to come of it.

_-EDMIX-_726d ago

I think they're simply renewing it to hold on to something that they could possibly still do in the future.

I'm not sure what to expect from Agent but I'm pretty positive rockstar I might still have plans for this intellectual property if they're still holding on to the name.

XXanderXX727d ago

Or they just like the name and rather keep it than allow it used by some one else .

Elda727d ago

Just stop! Enough already.

Agent_00_Revan726d ago

To this day I still have no idea what the big deal was about this other than the words 'Rockstar' & 'Exclusive'.

I barely remember the original announcement and when I went back and rewatched the videos last year I still didn't understand the hype outside of 'Rockstar'.

mkis007726d ago

Rockstar flexing it's development muscles on a single platform was big news. Sadly who knows what's going on anymore.

FallenAngel1984727d ago

Oh lord this zombie IP needs to be put down. Either make it or don't

OB1Biker727d ago

I mean have you journalists tried to ask with insistence what's going on? I think Shu is quite an open guy. What did he say about it.

MasterCornholio727d ago

The last thing that Shu said about agent.

On status of Rockstar's Agent and Square Enix's Final Fantasy Versus

"You are asking the wrong person. I have some knowledge, but I'm not in a position to talk about it."

OB1Biker726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Thanks for reply
That interview was a while ago though and he wa being really vague.
I asked because I often see journalists wondering and all about Agent but don't see much them really asking when they have the chance
Keep asking guys. I mean they are ways to get hints even when they don't want to answer.

MasterCornholio726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

I'm sure Shu knows something but he can't talk about it for some reason. I just hope Rockstar didn't cancel the game.


Yeah Rockstar could be saving it for the future.

_-EDMIX-_726d ago

I don't think they cancelled the game's development permanently , I simply believe they have the concept on hiatus.

Dark_Overlord727d ago

They kind of need to really if the deal between them and Sony is true (Sony allowing R* to break out of the deal for GTA on PS first in exchange for the Agent as exclusive), breach of contract is not taken lightly by any company.

SolidGear3727d ago

Actually making L.A. Noire multiplatform is what you're thinking about. Agent was the trade off exclusive.

_-EDMIX-_726d ago

I don't believe it was necessarily allowing la Noire multi-platform as much as it was selling the publishing rights to LA Noire because at the time Sony owns the publishing rights and sold back the intellectual property to team bondi.

It was later on that Sony sold the publishing rights to Rockstar, this is where I believe a deal might have been in place for a cheaper price based on some sort of exclusivity for agent.

That's the rumor anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.