Heavenly Sword release date revealed

The official US PlayStation 3 site has revealed the release date for one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Heavenly Sword will be exclusively available for PlayStation 3 on March 6th 2007.

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achira5236d ago

this is very cool if it is true.

Silverwolf5236d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game.

MissAubrey5236d ago

but yeah Im not looking forward to this game at all. Im looking forward to that Naughty Dog game.

OC_MurphysLaw5236d ago

Ok, does anyone else find it a little odd that there has been zero hype around this game of late? I mean Motorstorm is set to release soon too and its been getting mad,crazy hype from Sony and the press. This game however really hasn't had the same kind of push. Maybe its just me....but it really does seem like this game has been kinda pushed to the back of the line by Sony. You would think if it really was that great of a game they would be pushing this one just as hard as Motorstorm to show how they have a number of impressive/great games just around the corner.

Sony can't afford to let sleeper hits come along right now....any good game needs to be hyped by them right?

OC_MurphysLaw5236d ago

Nope...they don't have 10 million consoles sold. Do they need to boost the PS3 sales already? YUP! Do most analysts agree that more games will help? YUP!

So why again aren't they trying to get this game out into the public eye and hype it up?

DJ5236d ago

Motorstorm had a lot to prove, while Heavenly Sword was impressing journalists from day one. It's barely mid-January, so there's still a lot of time. There is such a thing as advertising too early.

And didn't we hear that this title was coming out a bit later than March 6th?

OC_MurphysLaw5236d ago

I understand what you are saying. And from an individual publishers view yes you correct. Having another game overshadow yours is not ideal.

However, from Sony's vantage having multiple great games comging out on top of one another is very beneficial for the PS3.

Sony needs and wants their game library to fill out as fast as possible with quality based on the mediocre overall perception of launch games (RFOM being the exception). Not too mention they need great games in multiple genre's. If MS and HS were both racing games then I would say you have a point but they aren't. There is no reason why they couldn't/can't promote both at the same time.

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wolfgang5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

Hey DJ : "Because having multiple games overshadow each other is not a good thing". Yeah sure, its like Warner bros not putting any tv ads for their next blockbuster because they don't want that Paramount movie to get a awful box-office.

All game publishers want to make money. Give it time, you'll get the hype like any other big budget.

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