Overwatch Was a Bright Spot in a Dim Year

In a year filled with violence, anger, and death, Overwatch was a reminder that positivity, diversity, and community are powerful forces too.

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Jared8Randall2741d ago

I think they timed this release super well with the Olympics, which is another highlight of the diversity of the world.

Kokyu2740d ago

Only if you liked it. These opinion pieces man. I found it to be garbage designed to sell cosmetic stuff and Micros like just about every game these days.

MKUltra2740d ago

Totally entitled to that opinion. This was just one opinion, but not everybody has to love Overwatch. Diversity of opinions is important too.

KickSpinFilter2740d ago

2016 one of the best years in gaming. Way to many games if anything.


Valve facing £656,000,000 lawsuit over claims Steam is ripping off players

The owner of Steam has been accused of overcharging 14 million PC gamers in the UK and 'shutting out' competition in a new lawsuit.

Dan5011h ago

Overcharging? Have these people never heard of sales?

just_looken10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

"Valve, the owner of Steam, is being sued for £656m over claims it is abusing its dominant market position to overcharge players.

The collective action claim has been filed with the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal by digital rights campaigner Vicki Shotbolt.

In the lawsuit, Shotbolt accuses Valve of ‘shutting out’ competition when it comes to buying PC games and DLC, which has led to 14m people in the UK being overcharged for PC games as a result.

The claim is seeking up to £44 compensation for every UK player who has bought a PC game or add-on content from June 5, 2018."


So they are trying to take the apple/sony/xbox approach were there is only one store without ever using a pc for gaming.

Anyone with a ounce of pc gaming knowledge knows steam did nothing when competition and the launcher war happened but now every publisher that had there own launcher with games only available on that platform are slowing coming back to steam.

This "lawsuit" should be directed to launcher's like rockstar's as they have games only available on there like the gta collection or ubisoft with xdefiant heck epic launcher exclusive games. There is no grounds in which steam has locked down content to there platform except there own games though there are disc versions of those except half life alex.

Pc players still have the best choice on game buying with multiple launcher's and site that offers keys like my fav humble bundle but on the same platform we have the worst drm along with those 3rd part launcher's that need to run in the background.

anast9h ago

How about suing them for the game files that the customer should own?

Goodguy019h ago

Steam allows 3rd party apps (which I hate) and...we all know that egs is the one that keeps buying exclusivity lol. A lot of devs and consumers rely on steam hence it's very heavy support.

paulust20027h ago

If I get 44 pound from them I'll only be spending it in the steam store...fucking absurd ..one of the most ethical companies out there and largely due to them not being a public offering imo

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Obsidian CEO responds to worries Xbox could shut them down, too: 'I'm not worried about tomorrow'

A gray cloud loomed over this year's big summer game showcases: Over 16,000 game developers have lost their jobs since 2023, many of whom were casualties of success at companies that reported huge profits this year. One of the largest cost cutters has been Xbox, which in January cut 1,900 jobs at Activision Blizzard and in May shut down four studios: Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog Games, and Roundhouse Games. The closure of Tango was taken especially hard, as the studio was still basking in the light of Hi-Fi Rush, a critical and commercial success by all of Microsoft's metrics.

SimpleSlave1d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

I mean, you should be. Because we now know and understand that even if Avowed is a hit it doesn't mean the studio is safe.

I hope that they're able to buy out their own Studio, like Toys for Bob's did, maybe some of their IPs as well, and go the Larian Studios route instead. We still need a sequel to Alpha Protocol after all. So here's hoping for the best.

Listen to your leaders, rather, good luck!

SimpleSlave1d 1h ago

I never said they didn't.

Einhander19721d ago

Ok, fair enough.

As much as we all want another Alpha Protocol only Sega can make that happen.

porkChop23h ago

Honestly, it would be pretty cheap to get the IP rights from Sega. They've done nothing with it and weren't interested in a sequel. But I'd be fine with just a spiritual successor that builds on what they were trying to do with AP.

SimpleSlave23h ago

It's all good.

But to be fair, while SEGA does own the IP and Published the game, it was Obsidian who created the IP and helped bring it back from the dead. So it's only fitting that they should be the ones to work on a proper sequel. And hopefully with a proper budget this time around.

My point is that I want them to stick around for this to happen. But on the current position they're in, things are bleak is all I'm saying.

Obscure_Observer4h ago

"As much as we all want another Alpha Protocol only Sega can make that happen."

Not really. If Xbox really want Alpha Protocol, all they have to do is to pay SEGA for its licence and give it to Obsidian or any other Xbox first party or third party to do it, just like Nintendo did with Bayonetta.

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shinoff21831d ago

I would imagine. They've been around for awhile.

Hotpot22h ago

Well I mean, even if he's actually worried there's no way he'll say that publicly..

just_looken21h ago

na this team tossed out the outer worlds grounded that both made money and they have outer worlds 2 on the back burner sense 2021

MrBaskerville3h ago

I really just want a third Pillars of Eternity game. Not impossible under ms, but seems more and more unlikely with MS's new focus on high impact titles.

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Lightning771d ago

Of course they're gonna feign confidence. They're about to release a game so they wanna look strong as possible. I know for a fact they're deathly afraid, I would be to and they absolutely should be.

I'm afraid for them right now. MS can't be trusted.

GamerRN12h ago

How come no one is interviewing PlayStation studios with the same questions? They had a significant amount of closures as well.

Strange 🤔

Pixykont10h ago

It's now everyone's fault that you don't understand the nuance of the situation? Typical fanboy