New MotorStorm multiplayer details

Evolution Studios released some new multiplayer details. It'll be possible to play with at least twelve people online. The studio is trying to get sixteen players working at the moment, but twelve is for sure. With those at least eleven other people, you can voice chat with a usb or bluetooth headset.

There is no splitscreen mutliplayer at the moment, but it may be available for download if the folks want to. There is more to download, you can upload and download replays, so you can watch other's painfull crashes or let people see your most hummiliating crashes!

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sandip7875226d ago

no split screen multi player? dont like teh sound of that, although it will stil b an excellent game

r10005226d ago

I can't wait for this game.... just playing the Demo is pretty fun... (I think I have 1st track memorized 100% now...LOL LOL) having 12 people online will pretty bad ass....

BIadestarX5226d ago

only 12 players? Why not 42 players? Is this because the PS3 can't handle more than that?
Obviously it can, but this is a great example, to show Sony fanboys that sometimes it's not because the console can't handle more players, but because developers think the games experience would be better if not crowded. I know this should be obvious, but some of you think that other consoles (i.e. 360) can't handle the number of users. Anyhow this games looks great at 720P.

Maldread5226d ago

Well said. What actually matters is if the game is fun to play, not how many players it can handle or if it`s 720 or 1080. If it`s a blast to play, looks great and have a good framrate, then what`s the difference.

no_more_heroes5225d ago

but you people didn't say that about Gears of War now did you?

Maldread5225d ago

If you`re refering to me, I`ve never said anything about GoW being less of a game because it can have fewer players than RFOM online. That dosn`t equall the game is less fun, and i`ve never claimed so either. And i`m confident Bladstar didn`t do so too.

For Motorstorm the same thing matters, the fun factor is more important than having more players. Of course it would be nice to have the opption to have more players, but there is a thing as performance, a bad fps can bring the game down, or that the developer thinks 12 people is enough, so that it dosn`t get too crowded, and makes the game less fun to play.

r10005226d ago

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.... C'mon people...

Playing the demo shows you that even in single player there are 15 total racers (14 computer controlled)...

Even with 15 players there is all out fun chaos.... your argument has no bearing whatsover... Asking why not 42 racers.... I'll be the 1st to tell you I don't want 42 players racing on these courses, it would turn a fun game into an unplayable game...

That's like me asking
Why didn't the developers make extra level(s) for Gears of War...

I don't know.... you don't know... only the dev's know so just drop it...

Locked135226d ago

He was just saying how it wouldn't be fun to add so many players and it didn't mean that the console couldn't handle it. Remember Gears vs. Resistance online multiplayer.

Shadow Flare5226d ago

"Why didn't the developers make extra level(s) for Gears of War...

I don't know.... you don't know... only the dev's know so just drop it..."

(cough) Gears of War is on a DVD (cough)