Naughty Dog Developers Hail The Last Guardian as being a ‘Masterpiece’; Want Photo Mode

The Last Guardian has attracted polarising reviews since its launch last week, but Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann and writer Josh Scherr leave no doubts about where they stand on Fumito Ueda's long awaited title.

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Nyxus675d ago

Good, this game deserves the recognition. And yes, it looks beautiful as well.

UCForce675d ago

Yup, i read their twitter. They do really love this game.

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kraenk12675d ago (Edited 675d ago )


Oh's the party pooper again.

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TomatoDragon675d ago

Dead Rising: 74 meta 4.7 user score
The Last Guardian: 83 meta 7.6 user score

ShadowKnight674d ago

DR4 sucks after playing a few hours of it on PC

UCForce674d ago

@ShadowKnight It's also the worst Dead Rising Game.

SCW1982675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

They are correct. Beat out Inside and UC4 as my GOTY.

zielocz3k675d ago

True. TLG is my GOTY. Beautiful and jaw droping experience.

1. TLG
2. Uncharted 4
3. Ratchet

My top 3 of 2016

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IndominusRex675d ago

My top 3 of 2016:
1. Dark Souls 3
2. Dishonored 2
3. Dues Ex Mankind Divided

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Genuine-User675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

Pretty much how I feel after completing the game today. It's nothing short of a masterpiece, in my opinion. It has a fascinating world, timeless art style and hands down the most believable 'animal' in a game.

Some moments in this game are so breathtaking that painting it through words would not do them any justice.

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Kashima675d ago

Gotta love Naughty Dog!

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Dragonscale675d ago

@green, since when have sales ever indicated quality?

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