PS3 to launch on 23rd March?

TBWA has told that the UK advertising campaign for PS3 will begin towards the end of March - supporting suggestions from a senior retail source that the console will launch on the 23rd.

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dfb19775430d ago

But I had a letter on Saturday advising that my pre-order I have with Littlewoods online will be delayed until the 30th April. The reason given was that this was the date that they are receiving stock from the supplier. I wouldn't bank on many being available on the 23rd

SPAWN5430d ago

You and Juevani Kingboy "sigh"

kingboy5430d ago

stop being obsessed with my name cause i don`t care about u dude!

nice_cuppa5430d ago

why would the release date change...
its not like sony dont have plenty of ps3's lying around..........!

mucho 995429d ago

^^^^^ why must you bring that up? And the release date could change, you never know what may happen. But for sony's sake, they need to get it out there by march