Playstation 3 Store Additions

There are three new PS3 store additions for any who are interested. The first is a free Genji Costume Pack, and the second and third are movie trailers. One is for "Fred Claus," and one is for the upcoming Frank Miller Graphic Novel adaptation, "300."

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GaMr-5432d ago

"JUST WHAT I NEEDED" (rolls eyes) How about that dammn multitasking Patch. "Played Gears of War to my linkin Park Album yesterday" extreme fun. Or how about Tekken Dark Resurrection the freaking japanese have had it for download since dec. 27 or how about the PS1 on PS3 firmware upgraded so i can download and play the classics from the online store. that would be nice. but no i get Costume packs for some garbage ass Samurai game. Its like playing onimusha through a kaleidoscope. Genji sucks ohh and movie trailers. This is great sony. Now wen i go to the movies and have to watch the first 40 minutes of trailers before my movie starts. I can brag to everyone and tell them. hey I saw this trailer a year ago via download through my PS3. (SMFH) I sure hope the guys responsible for PS1&2 are still working over there. Cause it obviously isnt the same guys pushing PS3. (sorry just had to vent a little its 8 am and im bored)

Captain Tuttle5432d ago

That rant was a thing of beauty. I'm still laughing. Well done sir, well done!

CyberSentinel5432d ago

Try to contain your excitement PS3 fans!

lpkilla75432d ago

Owning the PS3 is not very fun right now for me. I play ff12 and that's it. A ps2 game.

BIadestarX5432d ago

How's ff12? I think I'm going to get it. FF13 may be the only reason I buy a PS3. That and MGS. Ofcourse that's if they don't make them for the 360. Sony better keep these titles on lock if they wan't my money.