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Let It Die retains so much of Grasshopper Manufacture’s signature wit and charm that it’s painful to watch both get buried underneath uneven gameplay.

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thejigisup1988d ago

Disagree wholly on the level cap thing you wrote there. Level 25 is just the beginning and I have yet to feel pressured into spending, for those that want an easy game, cough up the cash, or just play something else.

Onenyte1988d ago

The level cap increases after the first area boss, Tier 2 characters are the unlocked.

Psychonaut851988d ago

Yeah this is bullshit I've been playing for hours and haven't felt the least bit pressured to spend any money. The only way he might feel that way is if he sucks so much that he's dying all the time and has to spend death metal. If you're experienced in the Souls games at all it's not a problem. There are ways to earn Death Metal in the game without spending money as well. It can be grindy, but it's somewhat roguelike, and I think it's one of the more balanced F2P games I've tried.

Darkwatchman1988d ago

Why is someone reviewing a free to play game???

alfcrippinjr1988d ago

yeah free to play not well it is but if you die you buy insurance
and with out if your just be repeating the level over and over

these so call games are design to be played but if you want to finish them
then you have to pay cash

let me die looks really really good it would had been better to sell it as a disc base game
as for sure i would had bought it
but there no way im paying for insurance continues that just throwing your money down the toilet

Liqu1d1988d ago

You don't need to buy insurance at all, you can spend one Death Metal to revive (these can be earned in game for free easily) or you can let your fighter die and then retrieve them using coins (free currency). Git gud and you won't need to revive, or accept the death and try again like in Dark Souls.

This is easily one of the fairest F2P games out.