Crysis: 2048x1536 at 60 FPS?

In case you're worried about how well Crysis will perform on your new rig, it looks like it runs pretty smoothly at 2048x1536 assuming you have a Core 2 Duo and (single) 8800GTX running on Vista.

In an earlier article, it was reported that Crysis was running at 60+ fps for most of the time at CES 2007. In this new article, Jack Mamais tells techspot that the game is running at a resolution of 2048x1536.

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TheMART5432d ago

If that's the case, it's not as systemd demanding as thought.

Which makes me think, 1280 x 720 with 60 fps or at least 30 fps would be within reach on a triple core 3.2 Ghz CPU with a 48 shader/pixel pipeline GPU like the 360 has. Because of it's DX base etc. I now see why Crysis is coming to the 360 like earlier announced

Antan5432d ago

My only concern with the 360 version Mart is that it won`t be Crytek handling the port! On a side note, i hope the game doesn`t hit till 2008, i think a 2007 would a bit of a rush job, but we don`t know when work started of course! Plenty of information to come in the near future hopefully.

InMyOpinion5432d ago

It will run pretty smooth...

Antan5432d ago

This is the quote that struck most actually, when refering to the performance difference DX10 "could" have over DX9. Regardless of this, i myself will have an upto date flying machine so i will enjoy Crysis in all its glory, and if true that the 360 version will be a different game then ill get that aswell! gotta love those achievement points!!!!

TheMART5432d ago

I don't think that DX10 has that much over DX9. At least many developers, also like John Carmack say there is still enough to explore with DX9.

Ofcourse MS wants to market DX10. But we all also do see the jump from the earlier DX versions to version 9 was a big one, bet this time it will be more marginally.

And you're right, Crytek won't be handling the port, EA is. Sometimes they do a great job, sometimes it's a big f*ckup. We'll see how this turns out! I loved FNR3 though from EA

Antan5432d ago

Yeah FNR3 was great! EA CAN create half decent games when they want to, and this is one game they MUST do well for!! Everyone pretty much knows Crisis by now, and certainly expectations will be huge for this knowing what is possible on the machine looking at the likes of GOW for example. I think its fair to say Crisis has much more going on in the physics dept as well as the GFX dept, so i hope they do take their time and get all 3 cores working properly so at least on the physics aspect 360 owners can experience something close to the PC version! We live in hope................Don`t fcuk this one up EA, 360 owners are watching!

Balance5432d ago

can't wait for this game, i will be building a new machine this year so i can run this game in all of its possible glory.

THAMMER15432d ago

And I wish people would stop the hating on EA. Because they have some great games down the pipeline. ARMY of 2, MEADAL of honor air borne, and brothers in arms to name a few.

I do agree that the Madden franchise is ugly right now but EA has us action gamers covered.

Stop the hate B!T(#'s

Grown Folks Talk5432d ago

i'll forgive ea if they make ncaa football 2008 better than this years version.

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