Cerny: Naughty Dog & Guerrilla Found PS4's Button To Push More Polygons due to Single Platform Focus

Mark Cerny openly expressed his appreciation for the technical expertise Guerrilla Games & Naughty Dog, who have found PS4's "button" to push more polygons.

According to him, that's also because of the ability to focus on a single platform.

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KaiPow2751d ago

I'd like to see Kojima's title max out what the PS4 can do first. From there, branch out to PC and work on optimizations later.

Alexious2751d ago

I'm not so sure it's coming out on the PC anymore. They haven't talked about it since the very first press release, and that was before the name was confirmed.

Officialxandr2751d ago

Sony is publishing it. There's a 9.9% it's going to be a ps4 exclusive. It'll only go to other consoles if Sony/PlayStation is feeling REALLY nice.

badz1492750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


just 9.9%? DAMN LOL

starchild2750d ago

Yeah, as much as I would love to see it come to PC it's definitely looking less likely, despite what was said earlier about it coming to PS4 and PC.

pyroxxx2750d ago

I personally would not mind,.. people should be more worried about Let it die right now,.. since this game is probably the best game I've played in years,.. it is so damn good

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DigitalRaptor2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

A lot has changed since the "console exclusive" statement was made and then revoked from its source.

I've posted about that here: http://n4g.com/news/1993322...

_-EDMIX-_2751d ago

Based on their deal with Sony, it may not even come to PC, its even assumed right now that Sony may have already bought the IP.

Aenea2751d ago

Kojima is using the Guerilla engine, an engine which is written specifically for the PS4 by a development team that does not develop multiplatform games. The game can't be released on PC without a rewrite of the game to use another engine, or by porting the engine to PC...

Not sure if they will consider either to be worth it...

Jman22751d ago

If the engine is data orientated there wouldn't be too much work involved, they would have to create abstract classes for vertex an idea buffers , constant buffers and texture buffers. That way they can flip the render API out . Both systems support Little endianness due to being x86 so byte order is the same. So it's not too much work really,. Just some special ps4 hardware tricks would be lost.

rainslacker2751d ago

The game engine actually runs on PC. It does require quite a bit of debugging for PC compared to some other engines, and it can be limited on it's OGL implementation at times, but it is certainly possible.

Aenea2751d ago


Ehhh, how do you know the game engine runs on PC? Yes, I know you do game development, I know development, never worked with a PS4 dev.kit and I know it's being coded and debugged on PCs but assumed that to run it, it would use the dev.kit or test kit instead. Of course one can make a port of the engine to ease development without having to use the dev.kit for every thing.

But here's my question, how do you know how Guerilla Games have made their engine, hmm? Something you're not telling us? ;)

Jman22750d ago

@Aenea @rain the editor and tools run on PC, the engine is probably PS exclusive but thst would slow development down alot unless they had tons of dev kits.

rainslacker2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I should probably clarify. The engine will run on PC. However, I do know not if it can be licensed for releasing games on PC. Performance on PC can be spotty when not using certain kinds of hardware on the PC, which is why it requires more debugging than other game engines.

To my knowledge, it is not meant to be a general purpose engine for PC game releases, however, being able to run the code on PC at the development level does streamline the actual development process....which is what I meant when I said it can run on PC.

When I said it can be limited on it's OGL implementation, it was meant to mean that on PC, some PS4 OGL functions do not translate directly on certain kinds of general PC hardware.

As far as how I know, it's not uncommon knowledge. People talk. It's just not generally talked about in public forums because the engine is meant for PS games, not general purpose PC game releases.

I should probably also disclose that I'm by no means an expert in all things involving the engine.


Yeah, doing a PC release on the engine would be quite an ordeal using the engine. Translating the bulk of the functions to another engine which can streamline the process would likely be much more efficient in terms of development time, and likely even be necessary due to licensing restrictions unless Sony will allow it for some reason.

Aenea2749d ago


So basically I was right ;) What I meant by porting the engine to PC was that it would allow them to release it on PC with using that engine. According to you the engine is not in such a state for the PC. Granted I didn't know if they already had something that sorta runs on PC to ease development.

So it might be easier to port the game to use another engine, but one has to wonder if Kojima wants to do that, he already had the choice of engine, he could've went with a general purpose engine that would have worked on both PC and PS4. Of course an engine written specifically for the PS4 will perform better on the PS4.

Still think the chances aren't that high, and if it happens it might take quite some time before a PC version is being released...

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dreamoner2750d ago

Greedy PS fanbois in action. Most of who believed No Man's Sky was PS4 exclusive for a long time despite the dev's initial announcement(tho it doesn't matter now, when it turned out to be shitty all the blame went only to the devs, if it had been an awesome game as marketed out to be by SONY; most of the praise would have gone to Sony). With DS, Kojima initially said it was intended for PS4 & PC. It may come to PC, may not. PC platform wouldn't lose much without it but this greedy PS fanboi behavior bugs me. You don't and won't see PC gamers complaining if some PC exclusive game goes to consoles also but turn the table and you see gollums and rings.

Ceaser98573612750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

"You don't and won't see PC gamers complaining if some PC exclusive game goes to consoles also but turn the table and you see gollums and rings."

Please take out time and see the number of petitions and console abuse they do... Every fanboys whether its PC, XBOX or PS is greedy... when COD marketing deal went to PS, xbox fans took to twitter to show their disappointment, when QB went to PC same feeling happened.. Same with PC fan boys too and bdw PC exclusive you say? Didnt see Console gamers writing petition when a game has released on PC or may be 1 or 2 BUT there are plenty where PC gamers do write petitions. So stop being judgemental here. There is a logic behind why people are saying the game will release on PS4 only.. 1) Sony is financing the game and has everything from marketing rights to publishing is with sony.. 2 ) DS is using Decima engine which is again GG's property and GG is owned by Sony..

I dont have a problem if the game releases on XBOX too but just because you're disappointed doesn't mean you gonna start labelling without even knowing how it works ..

dreamoner2750d ago


PC gamers write (pointless)petitions to bring games to PC not stop a game going for a console.

I can see the logic behind DS going PS4 exclusive but forget xbox, the idea of it going to PC is downright offensive to PS fanbois, just look at all the downvotes on @Kaipow's comment above, he doesn't even assume it will come to PC,.just suggests it. PS fanboism is just on another level.

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Chris_Wray2751d ago

Working on a single platform, especially the more powerful one (not including the PC of course) does mean that you will inevitably become more proficient with it and be able to draw more out of it. There's little doubt that Naughty Dog have managed this and I imagine The Last of Us 2 will be their most impressive game yet.

ninsigma2751d ago

Naughty Dog consistently push the bar for what we expect from Playstation consoles. Guerrilla made some damn fine games in kill zone but I feel they are really coming into their own now with horizon zero dawn and the decima engine. Great work from both teams!

GNCFLYER2751d ago

Both development teams are a few notches above the rest. Cant speak highly enough.

I think they both have members on team ICE also, I know ND does.