Only 9% of gamers have complete the Battlefield 1 campaign on Xbox One

Only 9% has unlocked the achievement: The Great War

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UCForce675d ago

Which I said, not every BF games come close to BF Bad Company 2 campaign which I enjoy a lot.

EverydayJoe674d ago

I think this is a problem on most FPS, even Titanfall2 after the 3rd campaign boss battle all campaign trophies are rare and ultra rare, COD and BF are the same if not on the COD front. It sure would be nice if these games could find a better Balance of a compelling campaign and fun online multiplayer.

FITgamer674d ago

Both games have hella easy Platinum trophies. Took about 3 days(not playtime, but 3 actual days) to Platinum each game.

joab777674d ago

I thought that's what it would be like. But I'd argue against spending the time or money on so for these games anymore. It doesn't pay off and it's sad!

_-EDMIX-_674d ago

The issue is how much of the percentage of people even beat that campaign? How do we even know if one of the campaign is better than the other when only 9% even completed Battlefield 1?


I agree... I mean, I have not completed all the stories in BF1, but from the 2 that I finished, they were really good and interesting compared to BF3 and BF4. Bad Company 2 was my first BF game that I owned and I loved the campaign, but MP is where its at for me in BF.

andrewsquall674d ago

Or ANY DICE campaign since for that matter. Mirrors Edge Catalyst was essentially a single player only game and look how that turned out.

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SpaceRanger675d ago

This really isn't a surprise to anyone. Their fanbase supports multiplayer games over single player ones or single player content in general.

Christopher674d ago

Doubt the stats are that different on PS4 or PC... it's an MP game thing, not a platform thing.

PlayableGamez-674d ago

It has nothing to do with Xbox fans only supporting multiplayer. It has to do with people never really carrying about BF campaign.

madmonkey01674d ago

maybe not everyone got it day one and those that play the campaign not gone through it all in one go.

pyroxxx674d ago

@madmonkey01 exactly,.. I haven't finished campaign in one sitting either,.. basically finished and platinumed it well after I cleared all MP trophies

ifistbrowni674d ago

I've owned the game pretty much since launch on ps4... I'm also a trophy whore (I have platinum in just about every game I have on my trophy card).

I've played 2 multiplayer matches in this game, earned two trophies, and thats it. I plan to play it after I get my ps4 pro (whenever that will be).

Point is, not everyone (including the try-hard trophy/achievement guys) has had the time to finish the game yet.

Even so, 9% seems average...

xDealtwithIt674d ago

I'm sure the stats would be the same for CoD, BF and any other heavily focused FPS game on PS4.

And i would hope both sets of fans would support mp content since we are all paying to access online features.

_-EDMIX-_674d ago


it has nothing to do with any specific install base. People that made this argument about PlayStation having more RPG Gamers into a degree I can understand that but with titles like Lost Odyssey almost moving a million units it shows that technically speaking both platforms probably have around the same amount of RPG fans that are willing to purchase.

The only RPG on the PlayStation 3 that actually moved over 1 million units that wasn't Final Fantasy was actually only one and it was Ni no Kuni.

It's not saying that the PlayStation 3 doesn't have a huge install base of jrpg fans it's simply saying that to the degree of how many of those fans exist isn't as much as people keep trying to exaggerate.

The same actually goes to first person shooters in action games, you guys seriously need to stop with this bizarre install base myth on who supports What type of game more than the other because I don't really see lots of numbers that really show this with the exception of a few games here and there.

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sk8ofmnd674d ago

Compared to the 10% of xbox1 owners that bought the game

XXanderXX674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

Could it be due to Xbox being a bro shooter console or they just prefer the MP instead , who knows .

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