Star Citizen Looks Set to Overtake GTA 5 as Third Most Expensive Game to Develop

Roberts Space Industries' upcoming ambitious space sim Space Citizen will apparently soon overtake Grand Theft Auto V as the third most expensive game ever developed.

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Lennoxb631586d ago

Probably won't see a full release of this game until like 2020.

ONESHOTV21585d ago

Yeah you probably won't if you only game on consoles so yes your point is right

Lennoxb631585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

He'd be crazy not to put this on console. He'd actually make some money other than the couple of dollars PC gamers are going to pay him. I know he's made a lot from donations. But if he wants a bigger return from what he's put in the game, console is where it's at.

@xwabbit @TheOptimist

I know very well that PC gamers funded. But I'll bet my bottom dollar that the game won't stay $60 upon on PC for more than a month. On console, it'll stay $60 for a very long time. Resulting in more profit. On PC, it'll be some deal for $35-$50 in the first week.

xwabbit1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

" He'd actually make some money other than the couple of dollars PC gamer's are going to pay him."

Huh? You know this game was funded by PC gamer's right lol. If it wasn't for their funding this game would of never started. Those 138 million have been from people who bough the game already and additional ships.

TheOptimist1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Clearly you know nothing about the game
Another guy who knows just the surface. Well since you haven't played or own it because your console will probably run it at 1 fps, I don't blame you

sampson31211585d ago

console gamers don't want this half baked trash on their consoles.
Happy pc gamers have this Gem for themselves.

a pretty game with nothing to do but fly around.


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joab7771585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Tough to actually say b/c they are touting this as the next gen space mom. So, if you mean official release, who knows. But their goal is to release content forever...or as long as possible.

It will be interesting though to see how it sells on its official release, which will make them some money. But then they won't be able to sell ships for $2500 anymore. I don't think lol!

I wonder how much of the $138 million has been spent, or allocated towards future content. No way they are spending everything as they go or this will never be finished and will require $300 million to do so.

Lennoxb631585d ago

Who in the hell would pay 2500 for an animated ship?!

Besides that, I know they're looking to support the game forever. It's pretty ambitious. But the game needs to be released. They can still support it afterwards.

lipton1011586d ago

And not for console either. Good luck earning a return on investment

UgoGalimbertti1586d ago

if it sells half what gta v sold they are already lucky

Vhampir1586d ago

They don't need to be lucky, it's all crowdfunded. You have to purchase ships to play, which cost $45 to $15000 USD.

nitus101586d ago

Actually, GTA 5 and Star Citizen are totally different genres. I do know that GTA 5 has microtransactions that for the majority of players are not necessary although for those impatient (I am being nice here) players you can spend real money.


I can understand say $45 USD to play but $15,000 USD? I guess there is a sucker born every minute.

bluefox7551585d ago

On PC you mean? GTA5 has sold 2 million on PC, lol. If you're referring to total sales, that's about 60 million. So in order to sell half of that, it would need to overtake the highest selling PC game of all time (Minecraft) by 33%, and let's be honest, it's not going to get anywhere near Minecraft sales.

starchild1585d ago

GTA5 sold around 6.3 million on PC. And that's after it released on PS3, 360, Xbox One and PS4, which are consoles many PC gamers already own. That's still in the same range as PS4 and XB1, so that's pretty good, all things considered.

sampson31211585d ago

GTA is an actual game.

this is an empty demo with nothing to do. looks pretty though.

kingdom181585d ago


Anything higher than $45 is superficial and is meant as a form of crowdsourcing. I believe $45 gives you the base ship while others are earnable in-game, or will be, not quite sure don't follow that closely. Either from my understand anything other than the $45 option aren meant to be different tiers of rewards for paying for the game's development.

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_-EDMIX-_1585d ago

How do you know it's not going to end up on PlayStation 4 or Xbox one after its release? GTA 5 didn't launch on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One or PC until after the fact.

The reality is we don't know how long they're going to support this game , you have to consider its an MMO and they could go on to make lots of money for a very long time.

Vegamyster1585d ago

If it does come to consoles at some point it won't be for the PS4/Xone base models.

"When asked by Italian site PC-Gaming (translated by Worlds Factory) why the studio opted to release Star Citizen for the PC and not consoles, Peterson was blunt. "First and foremost, consoles couldn't possibly handle a game like Star Citizen. Chris and I grew up with PC games and in the last few years we had the feeling that PC had been pushed aside, with most games coming out as mere console ports with graphics that didn't really exploit the power of PC," he said. "Gaming PCs right now are formidable, with powerful CPUs and GPUs. Even next-generation consoles cannot be compared, their internal components are already older than what I could add to a gaming PC today."

_-EDMIX-_1585d ago

That's actually simply referring to Star Citizen's current build if they bring it over to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it's not going to be the exact to build spec by spec.

Technically speaking any game can be brought over to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One if augmented enough.

Mind you I'm pretty positive there's also an article with the director of the game actually saying that putting it on consoles was an option for the team after they were done with the PC version I don't recall it ever being taken completely out of the equation.

Mind you I'm playing some of the Star Citizen modules on my HD 5770 lol

nitus101585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

As "Vegamyster" pointed out in the URL he gave us. Star Citizen will be a game made for high-end PC's which effectively cuts out all of the mid-range PC's as well.

I have pointed out this before but the PS4 and XB1 do actually fall into the mid-range category and effectively they probably won't run Star Citizen even on low settings. Sounds like a thumb the nose at those weak consoles except that most of the PC's sold today are actually less powerful.

Sure the gaming rig or especially one that is custom made will beat the current consoles in performance that is a given, however those PC's are in the minority so basically Star Citizen which is a "Space flight simulation game, First-person shooter" will only appeal to players who like those genres and have high-end PC running Microsoft Windows or a Linux distribution (yes I was surprised myself).

You don't need a PhD in economics to see where this is going although it still is possible for the company to rake in a lot of money depending on their marketing and pricing strategy, but thumbing your noses at 70+ million prospective console players as well as 1000+ million midrange PC players is IMHO arrogance and a poor business sense.

ONESHOTV21585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

The arma series is a example of a PC game that will never see the light of day on consoles so star citizen shouldn't be an exception

Vegamyster1585d ago

A 750 Ti with a good CPU can hardly hold 30 fps in the game on low 900p, i can't see the Xone/PS4 performing well at all with the CPU limitations the systems have.

_-EDMIX-_1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

@veg- lol

I'm still not sure why you keep comparing the current build of Star Citizen to what it could be on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

You do understand that developers can actually scale back their games right? At this point no modern game is Impossible to be made on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

I fully understand that the current build of Star Citizen in regards to what it is right now cannot play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox one that goes without saying.

That does not mean they cannot transfer the game over to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and clearly scale back to a degree of having it playable on other platforms.

Like I said before I was playing Star Citizen in regards to some of its modules on my HD 5770...

Are you seriously telling me the creators of the game cannot scale it back to run on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

I'm sorry but that sounds like the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

What year technically debating is the probability not the technicality. I understand that it might be improbable but like I said it is not impossible and in fact that doesn't even make sense on how it wouldn't be able to play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One if it was graphically altered.

I'm sorry but that is just a complete wild stretch.

@ONE- yet. No one knows the future of that series other then the team

Vegamyster1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

When did i say it can't be scaled down? I specially said i don't think it would run very well given the CPU limitations, sure you can cut the engine down or use a different engine but is the dev willing to do that and would people be willing to buy it? It would be like what happened to Crysis on the 360/PS3, it had to use a different/inferior version of Cryengine and it still ran poorly, difference here is this game is going to be a lot bigger.

TheOptimist1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

The problem with consoles is not the hardware capabilities. I played it on a free weekend and understood immediately that it could never be on consoles, nhot because it is a very tough game to run, but above all it is more of a simulator than the console generic third person and first person shooters that are touted as revolutionary.

Still missing RTS or have a dumbed down version of RTSs. Not all games are playable on consoles. Also most PC games that are exclusive to PC, the only reason they don't come to consoles is because of real time issues, just not because a stupid corporate like Sony or MS locked it to their platform of choice. Also tell me when most simulators come to consoles and come @ 60 fps, then there will be some substance, else all is fluff.

Also I read the rest of the comment. Only those people that can't experience games at 60 fps or max settings are the ones saying they don't care about FPS. I know because I came from a low end PC built 5 years ago which ran everything at 1080p High, just 30 fps was the problem, just bought a decent PC with a GTX 1070, which went to repair, and I refuse to play Witcher 3 on the same 30 fps and have seen many of friends do so. In fact my friend told me not to go for a PS4 and get a decent PC, and I am not regretting it one bit.

Also CGI has clearly said that they won't tone down the settings for Star Citizen for the Lowest Common Denominator, hence the consoles would have to be powerful enough rather than the developers hiring a team or putting extra effort to scale it down.

_-EDMIX-_1585d ago

@Veg- You didn't need to, You never stated that it could, you legit stated

"If it does come to consoles at some point it won't be for the PS4/Xone base models"

" i can't see the Xone/PS4 performing well at all with the CPU limitations the systems have"

ie you are still not addressing that it can be scaled back. Thus, your points are literally irrelevant. No one is saying the current build of Star Citizen spec for spec will be the PS4 and XONE version.

"sure you can cut the engine down or use a different engine but is the dev willing to do that and would people be willing to buy it?:"

Who said the Developer themselves would be transferring it? They'd likely get a transfer team.

Did you really think that gamers would NOT PLAY A GAME because it doesn't look 10000% like a PC version?

I guess Witcher 3 failed on console then by that logic. Sorry but I don't think gamers care THAT much about how its going to look compared to what they can do in the game. Its about what they are playing. Mind you, how do you know the transfer team won't make a PS4 Pro or Scorpio patch?

I'm sorry but I don't really buy your excuses as they don't really make sense when you add it up to other releases from PC titles. Most on console simply don't care about all that spec crap, its not going to look like MGS1 on PS4 and XONE bud lol.

Yes, it won't look like the PC version clearly, but I don't see it looking like this night and day, not even slightly. In order for them to make a huge profit, they are very much contracting a transfer team to bring it to PS4 and XONE. Of course they are not going to say this day 1, but I don't see them keeping it on 1 platform. Putting it on PS and XB doesn't suddenly not make it a PC game. The point of its development was to push PC, not to simply avoid console. lol

@TheOpt- Sure. Those games actually get supported on PS and XB bud, all types of games exist on consoles, those days are over bud.

"more of a simulator" yes......consoles have those games bud......

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xwabbit1585d ago

" Good luck earning a return on investment"

They didn't invest anything lol, PC gamer's funded this game.

TheOptimist1585d ago

All the earning is through crowd funding, so yeah, it doesn't need the console platform.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1586d ago

Vanilla Destiny did not cost more than GTA V to develope. Destiny's 500 million budget is for the series over 10 years.

inmusicutrust1586d ago

According to wiki: Destiny cost $140 million(500 if you include marketing and the 10 yr plan), GTA 137 million (265 if you include marketing) and this just hit 138 million. This site goes by the actual vanilla development cost.

Dasteru1585d ago

The 10 year plan inlcuded 2 more full Destiny games. It was suppose to be a trilogy.

arkard1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

It would be more than 3 games wouldn't it?
Year 1 - destiny
Year 2 - expansions
Year 3-destiny 2
Year 4 - expansions
Year 5-destiny 3
Year 6 - expansions
Etc. Etc

Edit* looks like I was mostly correct

Bi-annual releases with possibilities of delays. Looks like destiny 4 was what was planned up to,but that's old info now.

MagicBeanz1586d ago

At least Rockstar actually releases their games.

cartoonx11585d ago

yea, took them more thn 5 years after iv. how many years since this game announce?

Eiffel1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Five. Development started in 2011. I don't know why people are complaining that it's taking too long. The scale this game is aiming for isn't your traditional point a to point b sandbox map. It's a massive graphically intensive universe with distance to size planets to explore that'll be expanded over several years from it's release. We've had games with far less to show on announcement and release take a decade or more. One just came out very recently.

bluefox7551585d ago

I don't see them releasing this anytime soon, at least not until the gravy train stops rolling.

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