Close Up: The Art of Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition

More than a year after the launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Konami, in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, published an art book featuring the various artworks for both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Unlike previous Metal Gear books, this one was aimed at the western market, specifically North America and Canada, whereas earlier books only released in Japan. Two different versions were made available: a normal edition and a special edition limited to 400 copies (according to Konami). A digital version for Kindle is also available. The limited edition is by far the most expensive and contains several extras.

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rockwhynot827d ago

I read Kojima wasn't able to work with a big portion of his team the final months of mgs5 production

Enigma_2099827d ago

My beef with them goes back further than that. Kojima isn't the only person they've done dirty. I was pissed with their treatment of Koji Igarashi. Not to mention their employees in general. But the majority of the talk is about how they wronged Kojima.

rocketpanda827d ago

A digital copy is available? I guess many will find a free version around the web. F*** Konami.