Bunny Ayu is Jill Valentine from Resident Evil - Epic cosplay

Due to the fact that I´m a huge fan of Resident Evil and Jill Valentine. I (Robin Ek, TGG) got absolutely blown away by Bunny Ayu´s super awesome Jill Valentine cosplay. Well, let´s just say that Bunny Ayu made my day :3

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Gamist2dot01868d ago

Doesn't look like Jill whatsoever, gonna need a closer look.

Simon_the_sorcerer1868d ago

She´s looks a bit like Jill from RE3 (wrong hair color?).

Matology1868d ago

That's somewhere to park your bike.

Simon_the_sorcerer1868d ago

No, that´s where you find love.

Bhuahahaha1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

she should jump/hop like a bunny in that costume

TGG_overlord1868d ago

I don´t think she would go for that one, but you could always send a request ;)

Simon_the_sorcerer1868d ago

I´m quite sure that you would get blocked if you did that :P

Simon_the_sorcerer1868d ago

I thought about that as well *cough cough*

NecoTehSergal1868d ago

I don't see any cosplay - I only see boobs. What is this, a post for Ben Stiller?

Simon_the_sorcerer1868d ago

What does Ben Stiller have to do with this matter? And since when was boobs a bad thing :P

NecoTehSergal1867d ago

The old meme where Ben Stiller in Zoolander asks about the architecture build and goes: "Is this a place(post) for ants?!" so the reverse, of things that are super huge (overly huge image) is: "Is this a place(post) for Ben Stiller?!"

That's the joke.

I3loggs241868d ago

Massive tits = epic cosplay

Simon_the_sorcerer1868d ago

You could always ask her to make them smaller ;) Besides, she had more photos on her FB page.

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The story is too old to be commented.