PS4’s First Officially Licensed Pro Controller Receives Launch Trailer

The Razer Raiju, the first officially licensed PS4 controller to be aimed at professional and e-sports players, is now available to order worldwide.

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iTechHeads2251d ago

Is this available in the US? I can't find it in Amazon or GAmetsop...

S2Killinit2251d ago

yeah I've been trying to find it as well. I hope it gets here soon because I wanted to get one before christmas.

DarXyde2251d ago

I'd wait on reviews and a few months after that. I've heard from people that Razer products, while they look great, often leave you disappointed in terms of quality.

I, too, want this controller, but I'd highly recommend waiting until someone before you has broken them in.

S2Killinit2251d ago

hmm. Yeah, although this was was licensed by Playstation so maybe they checked it for quality. I don't know. It be nice if it was slightly cheaper too.

peewee110162251d ago

LoLrazer is one of the TOP item E-sports people use on PC. The ones who say its trash are xbox people who think it looks like the elite controller and r hatting

ShowanW2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )


what does this have to do with xbox?

stop tryin to turn this into a flame war...

2251d ago
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just_looken2251d ago

The controller is currently a game uk only product just like alot of the ps3 addons sony will put this deep in the closet.

Still chuckle at the ps3 dvr addon in 2012 same thing xb1 has ha oh sony you suck at marketing/product placement.

Oh yeah it also has the Nintendo mindset: make 30 then say its a amazing hot item

smolinsk2251d ago

Ohh my, that's one ugly thing...

Gaming_Cousin2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Looks good to me

BoriboyShoGUN2251d ago

I don't mind it , I think it looks pretty sweet!! Gotta get a hand on one to see how they feel. Hope they put some displays up or something!!!

BizarroUltraman2251d ago

The actually and unboxing on yt. I dont know how to link, my badd. But yeah the guy keeps saying how much it reminds him of Xbox One controller. Its not a bad thing but still....

I like the controller, my only gripe would be why they got away from the DS4 design.

XMarkstheSpot2251d ago

I just don't like the Bumper area(L1, R1), it looks to "boxy" to me, boxy things dont tend to be good ergonomically. But that is just my opinion

nitus102251d ago

It does have a 3m braided cable which is fairly long although you don't want to get too salty since you won't be able to play if you pull the cord out. So I guess playing Bloodborne, Dark Souls II and III are definitely out. 😉

thexmanone2250d ago

Agreed, that is one ugly controller. Looks like my fire TV controller.

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Sunny_D2251d ago

Personally, it's not the most asthetically pleasing thing. I bet if Sony made one, they would make a really sexy one.

Eidolon2251d ago

and id hope under $200..

hirobrotagonist2251d ago

Too bad Razer hasn't made a single decent high quality controller. I'd be more excited if Sony released their own.

yankolo2251d ago

Such a bad bad really really bad controller ....the ps controller its baaaaad no discussion there...

Gaming_Cousin2251d ago

You sure fooled us in your trolling attempt /s

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