Crytek Employees Go Six Months Without Pay

Crytek is a German-based video game company that was established in 1999, since then it has ballooned to six studios across the globe and multiple hit games, including the Far Cry and Crisis series, and that doesn’t even mention their work on the beautiful CryEngine’s over the years.

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UCForce2727d ago

WTF, Crytek ? Are you serious ?

BizarroUltraman2726d ago

Maybe we can get whoever disagreed to work for Crytek. Since they seem to like to work for free. Haha

nveenio2726d ago

They didn't make their engine competitive against UDK. The studios that could manage to use CryEngine were often better ahead to just use something like Unity if not build their own.

indysurfn2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

People keep forgetting. One of the things they forgot was Crytek is one of those a holes that have executives that blame problems on lazy programmers. This is really Satanic. People actually disagree with UCForce saying wtf crytek Are you serious? I like Ryse, and xbox too but dang!

This proves there are people that love it when big companies lord it over them. This is NOT the first time see them doing it also in 2014 :


Did you see the attitude in that article, they are blaming the employee for being 'impatient' because they would like getting paid, I don't know, in six months. Once again, I'm glade I'm a business programmer. Game programmers don't make enough. And they get blamed for what is really a executive decision to ship a game not polished or finished.

Mystogan2726d ago

I knew CryEngine wasn't doing good, but this bad? damn...

And they still wouldnt sell Ryse to Microsoft. They seem to be extremely poor(pun intended) businessmen.

ABizzel12726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

It's not that easy to give up something that you've spent years working on, and no longer have any say or creative freedom with that project ever again.

Artistically speaking I can completely understand, but financially speaking CryTek you need to take care of your employees first and foremost. Ryse was a good premise that suffered launch games woes, but it was easily franchise capable with sequel if it had more variety.

MyDietEqualsGames2726d ago

Imagine how good the engine would be if they were paid, treated well, and respected like the instrumental force they are and deserve. Hates off to you people, including you guys doing the grind, the raw programming.. sheesh.

Nitrowolf22727d ago

I know the game industry it can be harsh in terms of finding a job but why would anyone stay on board that long if I didn't get paid for a whole month and it has already happened I would have left a long time ago. Let the company hire outside work and pay the fees to do so, not worth paying for it myself

1nsomniac2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

A whistleblower leaked this info months ago. He said that crytek CEO & board of directors were massively in debt & they were purposely planning on not paying wages in the hope people would eventually quit without settlements.

Tumaras2726d ago

That's brutal and super-crappy treatment if true. That's where sites like Glassdoor come in handy where you can share info about employers and what they are really like to work for. At least it helps future employees know what they are getting into. That's pretty invaluable insight. There are some big names companies that are great to work for, but then there are well-known others in the same space that are a nightmare.

Relientk772727d ago

That's seriously just ridiculous

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isarai2726d ago

Well it's just a rumor but i've always felt Crytek has really needed fresh talent for designing their games. They always seem like cool concept, but executed in the most mediocre ways. Seriously if it weren't for their tech their games would rival the crappy $3 FPSs you find on steam

Paytaa2726d ago

I honestly really enjoyed the first two Crysis games but that's about it when concerned with Crytek's library.

AnubisG2726d ago

I enjoyed all 3 Crysis games but that's just me.

Lamboomington2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Well Crysis 1 and Warhead are considered some of the best fps games out there by some. Crysis 1 was amazing to play. Sure the story kind of sucked, but the gameplay was epic imo.

TheOptimist2726d ago

Crysis had far more intuitive mechanics than most games today. I mean even though they gave you a futuristic suit, no one demanded them to go back to WW2 era, simply because they balanced the game out so well, it didn't feel like futuristic shit.

Kryptix2725d ago

The guys had so much potential last generation due to Crysis being highly notable, but they had terrible direction alongside terrible business decisions.

Crysis was fun, nothing special in story, but the exo suit idea was unique at the time and fun to use. At least that franchise made them hold up financially in the industry.

Ryse was a great showcase on what the engine is capable of. It was a mistake not working on a sequel to improve with what it had. There was also the mistake of not selling the IP to Microsoft when it was hot which would of lead to further use of their engine and would of at least made Ryse as some sort of success due to profits.

With Homefront: The Revolution, they bought the IP, worked on it, then sold the IP. Time wasted and possibly money wasted. Didn't do anything to prove that they're capable of doing sequels with no experience of the previous game.

Half a year without paying employees, that's tough. I wonder if it's a difference in laws that forces them to stay or lose unemployment/lay off pay benefits. Could be a lack of similar jobs stationed where Crytek is cause Instabul or Shanghai doesn't seem like popular gaming industry places. lol