Skyblivion, Oblivion mod for Skyrim, gets a new teaser trailer

The team behind Skyblivion, a total conversion mod that brings the world of Oblivion to Skyrim, has released a new teaser trailer for it.

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battlegrog1593d ago

Whens this mod coming to skyrim ? amazing

phoenixwing1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

This mod really highlights how much better oblivion's map/environment/locations are than skyrim's

cyril sneer1593d ago

Not just the map and enviroments but the music also i often have oblivion soundtrack playing when tidying my flat up.

Dasteru1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Minus the character models, the game can already look like this and better in some ways. OBGE+MTAEVWD+QTP3+Lush & Gaudy.

Limbrick1593d ago

Great choice to have for playing Skyrim. However what i want the most from Oblivion in Skyrim, PS4, is the hotkey function setup Oblivion has. The same with Fallout 4 where i would prefer the old Fallout 3/ New Vegas hotkey setup to what is used in Fallout 4. Stop messing up stuff that works just fine, and does not need fixing!!!!!!!