What the Nvidia Shield can tell us about Nintendo Switch

Mario is the Nokia phone in a world ruled by Apple, the Kinect to the VR, the Ouya to literally anything else. But with the Switch, with the high-end mobile gaming experience, the House of M has a chance to become relevant again.

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solderman953d ago

I think the core problems will be with how well 3rd party developers get on with this device.

1. If the Switch doesn't have enough power developers are not going to spend time optimising engine code for a small initial user base. A device that has less horse power than an original Xbox One in a world with PS4 Pro and Scorpio probably doesn't seem that appealing to developers.
2. Nintendo doesn't seem to have made a device that can accept massive patches or DLC judging by the storage methods, This is a problem in a world dominated by 25gb patches or DLC rightly or wrongly.
3. Will they invest in a much more advanced online infrastructure e.g. multiplayer/streaming/store so far their track record has not been inspiring.

ABizzel1953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

Completely agree with you on those 3 things. I'm definitely into the Switch and it's a Day 1 buy for me, but if Nintendo wants this to be as successful as the Wii was for them, they have a few check boxes they need marked.

I've wrote a 2 part blog about how the Switch should be powerful enough to handle ports of pretty much all games the XBO and PS4 has as long as there are PC versions of said titles as well.

Many of the current console versions of games run in 900p - 1080p with Medium - High settings. The Switch should be able to handle those games as well in 720p with Low settings, and the thing is low settings still looks good (not as good as High, but still better than the majority of last-gen games).

eSports (Overwatch), E for Everyone (multiplats like COD / Assassin's Creed), JP games (Dark Souls), and Last-gen remakes (Skyrim) should all be able to run on Switch without a problem, and honestly that's all the 3rd party support it really needs.

Graphics powerhouses like Battlefield 1 and Open World games like The Witcher can technically run on the Switch hardware but it completely defeats the point of amazing graphics of BF, and the framerate will suffer on huge open world games like the Witcher.

2. 3rd party games that have large patches or tons of DLC are going to be instant excluded from Switch, because as you said there's no room to store those huge files. Smaller patched games will be fine since the "cartridge" can store some of that data, but games are already hitting 25GB - 50GB, so that space isn't going to be readily available.

3. This is all on Nintendo corp. And a real issue they need to get solved, because they're a generation behind Sony and Microsoft in this area, and the saving grace is that their service is still free.

XStation4pio_Pro953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

I said a bunch of the same stuff a few weeks ago. I agree with you. They just don't compete on basic features at this point in a quest to find something "different". They end up with weak hardware and gimmicky tricks to make up for it. It's pretty easy to see why there's little 3rd party support for them lately IMO.

masterfox953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

hmm lets see here about the switch:

* Nvidia branded, is going to be super compatible with the other consoles :D
* is a damn tablet that connects to your TV!! OMG so innovating!! ossummmm!! :D
* Underpowered for awesomeness Red Dead Redemtion 2 is going to look awesome on this thing :D
* Most tablets battery behaves freaking awesome when playing video games, is going to last foreveeeer :D
* that cartony Zelda footage looks gazillions way better than Wind Waker HELL YEAHHZZZZ :D
* Those little tiny detachable thingys look so cute and comfortable I want to hug them.
* Third party developers will support this to the max, I mean look at the mobile support is soooo great!!!!!

The more I talk about the switch it sounds better and better, it will definitely hit a milestone just like the Nvidiazz Shieldzzz :D

I kid I kid :D