Resident Evil 7 - Four new screenshots released

Capcom has released four new screenshots for Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil 7 is powered by the RE Engine and promises to deliver a disturbingly realistic experience that will define the next era in horror entertainment.

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naruga1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

WTF is this?!? ...they r SO fing ridiculous trying to relate/reminish with this blood filled bath tube and written wall the original bath tubes riddles in ogRE 1 where they make me cringe by their cluelessness....damn you people, RE1 was NT scary because of gore and disturbing/discusting environments, WASNT scary because super human hillibillys went through walls , WASNt scary because psych-anomalous families were trying to feed you ve started the whole thing so wrong that the IP is probably beyond salvation .. ....has nt anyone left behind from the original team in the comapny to tell you 1-2 things about WhAT the really F... IS RE ??.....

gantarat1587d ago

it just screenshots show environment in game.

NukaCola1587d ago

If it wasn't the zombies or environment that made the original Resident Evil terrifying then what was it? The garbage controls that were frustrating to fight against? There is very much the original Resident Evil in this new game. The environments are horrifying not the blood but the sounds and the unknown and the Darkness and the stress that gets put on you when you have to figure out how to do something quickly under pressure to live. You want survival horror? In Resident Evil 7 demo you pick up 6 boxes of ammo for a total of 9 rounds. In Resident Evil 7 you have puzzles you have a mansion to explore you have a mystery to solve you have items to find you have all these things that have made the series great in the past Reborn. It's not a first person shooter it's just first person's perspective. The game is terrifying it is scarier than Resident Evil was back in the day. Everything that we love about the series is being reborn and this isn't the end of the third person RE games, it's yhe end of tank controls and frustrating formula that has been ruined which they are trying to rectify. Let's give it a chance cuz it looks pretty damn cool to me