IGN Reviews Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for XBOX 360

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a valiant effort at rejuvenating the largely underwhelming Star Wars videogame franchise. Some of the technology here is a little too far ahead of its time, though that could prove to be promising for future installments. Uninspired level design and some tedious enemy battles mar an experience that gives you power over the Force like we've never really seen before. While it's far from perfect, Star Wars fans will find that it's worth playing through simply for its story and the ability to use the Force in fairly awesome ways.

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SullyDrake5303d ago (Edited 5303d ago )

"7.5 - Graphics

Some of the technical work is great, but it isn't used as well as it could be. The Xbox 360 version has bits of screen tearing and framerate stuttering."

Interesting how quickly things are turning around...

Anton Chigurh5303d ago (Edited 5303d ago )

I heard , the ps3 was the lead console

the funny part is , ps3 got a little higher in graphics but the overall score is still the same lol

SullyDrake5303d ago

The PS3 version was rated an 8.0 in Graphics by IGN.

TheIneffableBob5303d ago

The PS3 version got a better graphics score but the overall score is the same between the PS3 and 360 versions.

jkoz5303d ago

I've found that the Xbox 360 version studders and grinds to a hault when you unlock an achievement. It's weird, it's not like a whole lot of CPU power is needed to display that tiny blip. But yeah, the PS3 version won't be having that problem ;)

Masta_fro5303d ago

if it was the other way around though and the ps3 had frame rate issues then ign would have given the ps3 a lower score....but nooooo it doesn't matter when the 360 has frame rate issues..."it doesn't hurt the over-all experience" when the problems are xbox related

oh no, I've gone cross eyed again.

Blademask5303d ago

I'd love to see a PS3 game ever get called a "flawed gem" if it had framerate/loading problems like Mass Effect did. While on one hand its nice to see that things are changing as far as the PS3's performance not trailing behind due to idiotic programmers. On the other the double standards in reviewing are very much prevalent.

I think most PS3 owners remember the circus that was last year when it came to reviews. Its like they would wait to see the ps3 frametear then that itself would be a 900 page article on why the ps3 version is scoring lower due to the Cell not living up to the hype, and wheres 4d?

Recently, and maybe since 08. All multiplats are scored higher/equal on the ps3.

clevernickname5303d ago (Edited 5303d ago )

I downloaded both the 360 and the PS3 versions of the demo and there was noticeable screen tearing and frame rate issues with the 360 version, specifically in the hanger section of the demo. The PS3 visuals were silky smooth throughout.

It was a nice change and I am buying the PS3 version.

INehalemEXI5303d ago

lol , Bubbles @ Masta_fro.

Masta_fro5303d ago

i know, i mean, i don't mind if the ps3 scores lower because of frame rate issues, in fact, i encourage it... if a game looks and feels better on any console, it should be noted by the reviewer.

That IS why we have reviews right? So we know which version is better...

But no, its a "different color pallet" when it looks worse on xbox, or my favorite "achievements makes the 360 version equal to the PS3 version".

Some other lines you might enjoy:

"A bigger, better xbox live cummunity should make the online portion of the game better than its ps3 counterpart" even though the ps3 has free online and has sold like 13million consoles...

3 months later Cod4 comes out:
"the game is identical on both systems and we had no problems at all getting enough people to play with on the ps3 version." confused?

"Lack of rumble in the ps3 version truly makes it feel shallow, although it has sixaxis support and brings you into the game, its a little gimmicky"

Dont get me wrong, i like the 360, its just that i cant remember anybody saying anything negative about the 360 version of any game up until last year so i cant quote...(i.e. ign, 1up, 7up, pepsi..etc)

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OOG5303d ago

so sad I had high hopes for this game...until I played the demo.....:/

Jock5303d ago

I played the demo and it left me wanting more of this game...

using the power of the force seems pretty cool....

digger185303d ago (Edited 5303d ago )

Is this game really that bad? I was really looking forward to this.

Who has played the demo? Since I haven't, can anybody tell me what its like.

Edit. Thanks Mitchell, I'll give it a rent first.

SullyDrake5303d ago (Edited 5303d ago )

Within the demo you can easily see the games' strengths and weaknesses, and it has more strengths.

A 7.3/10 is good, not bad. To me a 5-6/10 is mediocre, 3-5/10 is bad, and 2 or less/10 is FAIL.

Plus you've gotta try it for yourself. Give it a rent and make your own decision.

4cough5303d ago

FACTIOD for you...........IGN are PlayStation fanboys, The site should be shut down for giving FIXED reviews and downright lying.

digger185303d ago

Please STFU, it would be real nice.

Montrealien5303d ago (Edited 5303d ago )

bieng an anonymous fantart is easy eh 4cough? I bet you suck at halo also, noob.

on topic: I`ll be checking this out tonight on my 360, looks like a great rental. I don`t think I `ll be buying it though.

5303d ago
bokharij5303d ago

I'm not a starwars fan so do u think i'd still enjoy the game? because everywhere they keep saying if your a starwars fan then its good etc.. I enjoyed the demo very much and i look forward to getting it for the PS3.

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