IGN Reviews Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for PSP

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a valiant effort at rejuvenating the largely underwhelming Star Wars videogame franchise. Uninspired level design and some tedious enemy battles mar an experience that gives you power over the Force like we've never really seen before. While it's far from perfect, Star Wars fans will find that it's worth playing through simply for its story and the ability to use the Force in fairly awesome ways.

meepmoopmeep5370d ago

Star Wars: The Flop Unleashed


rhood0225370d ago

Can we get one of the developers to post a statement about how "We don't get" the Force Unleashed? OR that it is "too deep an experience" for our peon brains? That'll show those reviewers!!


Can we get a TV Show host to post a video blog telling reviewers to lay off The Force Unleashed? And telling gamers that they are wrong for not giving the game a chance based on reviews? Please? That would be awesome!


sinncross5370d ago

wow, this doesnt sound to bad... go psp!

Hellsvacancy5370d ago (Edited 5370d ago )

The Force Unleashed seemed like it should b a Psp game from the demo i played - i shall pick it up to rent this weekend 4 me Ps3

fan_of_gaming5370d ago

Im getting both the PS3 and PSP versions. I usually dont care about reviews since i enjoyed games like Lair and Haze even though they got bad reviews.

SullyDrake5370d ago

The only fatal flaw was the control, and that was fixed. Mind you, it should have been analog from the get-go with the option for Sixaxis.

fan_of_gaming5370d ago

they also fixed the targeting/aiming system. I know that this hardly ever happens but it would have been interesting to see what scores it would get from reviewers after the patch.