Pokemon Platinum Silhouettes Revealed - New Rotom Forms

The mysterious silhouettes, which were rumored to be new Pokemon altogether, are revealed as new variations of the Pokemon Rotom. Sprites and info after the jump.

SullyDrake5375d ago

Deep down, you all know you're getting this too.

99% of people masturbate. The other 1% is lying. Same with Pokemon.

UltimateIdiot9115375d ago

More Pokemon?!?!?! ZoMg

This is crazy, we will never catch them all.

AbyssGravelord5375d ago

Now we have to catch our kitchen appliances too?

I can't wait to see Pikachu vs. Toaster!

sqeaks5374d ago

that made me laugh good one the day i catch my car that will be the day

SullyDrake5374d ago

Squirtle Toothbrush Form vs Charmander Hairdryer Form!

big shadow5375d ago

why cant they make pokemon like they used to.

dannyblue8675374d ago

what the hell is this?!!! i think this is a sign that they are running out of ideas. i think its time for this series to come to an end

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