Wii:VC getting cool retro games, not uncool retro games

When it comes to all things retro there is Cool retro, and there is the crap that has not aged well and sis uncool retro. Most Wii owners in North America would definately say that we are getting more of the uncool retro, and Japan is getting more of the cool retro. IGN is listing a pretty impressive list of retro games coming the Wii Virtual Console. For the most part Nintendo seems to be shoveling whatever NES titles they can quickly convert and more importantly translate onto the VC to make quick buck. Below is a list that IGN states will be coming.

Super Mario World
(We already have) Baseball
Kirby's Adventure
(Unfortunately we already have) -Urban Champion
Comix Zone
Gain Ground
Bonanza Bros
Pilots Wings
Wild Cunman
Full List after Jump

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soundboy5230d ago

So far, the available VC games are, for the most part, utter crap. It's kinda sad to see the VC store get filled up with crap trying to leech more money off hungry gamers, rather than building a nice, select library of good retro games. Oh well, it's all about the money I guess.