Seasons of Heaven Confirmed as Nintendo Switch Exclusive

French studio AnyArts Productions have divulged information about a Nintendo Switch exclusive named Seasons of Heaven. Based on a French novel of the same name, the title will feature Yann, a youthful boy suffering with Aspersers syndrome, and his faithful bulldog Ani. #anyartsproductions

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wonderfulmonkeyman2297d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

I wonder how many dirt bags will make fun of this first exclusive for featuring a mentally handicapped protagonist...

Edit: for the sake of clarity, I brought this up because I've been diagnosed with Aspergers myself, and have had to deal with said dirtbags in the past. This post was made as an awareness kind of thing, in the hopes of seeing how many posts would pop up denouncing such unfair attitudes. It's sad, but it crops up in our gaming community a lot more often than it should.

This was not intended to trigger or insult those who are diagnosed with mental differences.

Burrito26a2297d ago

I feel like you probably didn't need to bring it up at all to begin with.

zeal0us2297d ago

Well now time to make fun of the mentally handicapped protagonist like I made fun of that dragon cancer.

-No one ever

ninsigma2297d ago

You've just opened up the comments section with negativity so don't be surprised if you get it back.

Manashake2297d ago

I am diagnosed with Aspergers, and everyone who makes fun of such things, have no clue about how it is.

deafdani2297d ago

I think Aspergers doesn't count as a mental handicap. In fact, a lot of people with Aspergers are very intelligent.

Manashake2297d ago

Intelligence is not the problem. Its more neurological.

thatguyhayat2297d ago

No one. But you just kicked it off

2297d ago
Segata2296d ago

Rofl Monkey man. I have Asp. I'm not exactly handicapped. Socializing is hard for me but I am not mentally handicapped. I was a honor student in HS and graduated early. (Yeah I know my grammar is shit,blame that on being lazy for 15 years online)

wonderfulmonkeyman2296d ago

Same, but my point was that there's a lot of people out here who assume they're the same thing.
Again, it was an attempt at raising awareness, not something posted to offend those with different mentalities.

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Fist4achin2297d ago

Sounds like an interesting title.

Gustertote2297d ago

Looks kinda Breath of the Wild-y. I like that aesthetic. I always think games based on books are a good idea too.

ninsigma2297d ago

Looks nice. Wanna see a trailer.

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