PS4 Was The Best Selling Console In UK For November In Terms Of Software Sales

In the UK for the month of November the PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console in terms of physical software sales

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uptownsoul2775d ago

PS4 is probably taking November in most countries

DashArrivals2774d ago

It will be every single country. If it's not, I would be extremely surprised.

XanderZane2775d ago

Not surprised at all. New hardware release with no one else releasing anything is a sure bet they would win. I would have been surprised if they didn't win. Was surprised they lose the months where the PS4 Slim and PSVR were released. That made no sense. Will most likely take December too as long as Sony can restock PS4 Pro's fast enough.

Fishy Fingers2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Software. Not hardware.

But again, it's still not surprising considering the install base of each system. I don't know how they compare but at only 17% more (software) for PS, Xbox probably sold more software per unit.

Lime1232774d ago

PS4 made 50k gap in 1 WEEK
Xbox One made 27k gap in 2 MONTHS

XanderZane2773d ago

Of course they made a 50K gap in one week. That's what new eagerly awaiting hardware will do. Especially one that's very popular. XBox released a Slim model of the original XB1. Not an upgrade really. Did the PS4 Slim make a 50K gap? Neither did the XB1 Slim. Will the Scorpio make a 50K gap? We will see.

@Fishy Fingers
Actually both software and hardware. I agree though. Not really a surprise. Who didn't expect this?

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Genuine-User2775d ago

Congrats to Sony. They had some amazing deals last month.

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Gazondaily2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Pretty much. Congrats Sony 😊

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DeadlyOreo2774d ago

Ew. Did Septic just stealth edit?

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ShowanW2775d ago


smh... microsoft corporation doesn't fold so easily.. and has more than enough money to keep punching, and punching, and punching...

classic192774d ago

Don't matter if they have a lot of money to keep punching.. What matter is, will them Punchs equate to fat pockets?. . . don't make it a money thing, its no need.

ShowanW2774d ago


it does matter...
its now 15yrs later, and xbox is still here, because they are a stubborn company with tons of money...

and willing to throw tons of money at a product to ensure it's success...

Lennoxb632774d ago


They make billion dollar profits every quarter. MS is not worried.

XanderZane2775d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

That's like saying "IPhone done". lol!! Yeah, senseless, I know.

LOL @ disagrees.
Neither the IPhone or the XBox are going anywhere anytime soon. Don't be mad.

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Condemnedman2774d ago

still using mine Happy your attached to a plastic box 😂

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Razrye22775d ago

Well deserved Sony. If not unexpected. How about them npd results?

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