Are Base PS4 Owners Getting Screwed Over Already?

Sony's flashy new PS4 Pro is a great piece of hardware, especially for the price.

Yet despite some worry and speculation about it replacing base models, we were promised that PS4 games will still run fine on the base model. The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV have proven otherwise.

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FallenAngel19842778d ago

Could be the case, although those games aren't unplayable on non-Pro models

RashBandicoot2778d ago

That's my concern. If Sony thinks games running at 20-25 FPS as acceptable then base owners are getting the short end of the stick.

Gazondaily2778d ago

It's already happening and that's not cool. 20fps for a title that was in the works for the PS3 is just unacceptable in it's own right. I've already seen someone excuse this on the basis that they have a Pro so no problem.

And this is the problem with these mid gen consoles. I imagine the problem will be even worse with the X1/Scorpio. The Scorpio is so much more powerful than the X1 that I imagine we'll get some really shoddy x1 versions of games.

Then the 'no one gets left behind' tagine will slap MS in the face. It already will to an extent in terms of VR.

RashBandicoot2778d ago

@Septic I think the Scorpio will be pretty much a new Xbox given how massive the gap will be.

notachance2778d ago

lol whut, I played FFXV no problem on OG PS4.. couple of hiccups on crowded place like Altissia but nowhere near 'screwed over', last year's the witcher 3 was more laggy than those 2 titles and I didn't see this kind of articles

media and their clickbait words...

Death2778d ago


Best case is Microsoft approaches Scorpio games like we already see in PC with gamers choosing the setting they want to play at. Worst case is they approach it like Sony is with the Pro. It's still early, Pro games are being held back which is a slap to Pro owners. I think the issues with frames on the PS4 is just sloppy developers.

OrangePowerz2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

That would be a valid point if there wouldn't have been games before that had been badly optimised. Just play the unpatched version of The Witcher 3 and you will see large drops in FPS.

@Septic Just because it was in the works on PS3 doesn't say anything. The way it looks now it wouldn't have run on the PS3 and if they didn't change the engine it was designed for the PS3 architecture that had a very capable CPU but one that needed very specialised coding to use it to it's full power. Should it ship with drops to 20FPS? No, but other games before the Pro had issues if they don't optimise well or if the engine they use doesn't scale very well to the architecture.

curtis922778d ago

It's been happening all gen, people. This didn't start with the Pro.

bluefox7552778d ago

That's not Sony's doing. That's the developers poorly optimizing the games.

ziggurcat2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"If Sony thinks games running at 20-25 FPS as acceptable then base owners are getting the short end of the stick."

and where's your proof that shows these games would run any differently if the Pro model didn't exist?

because to me, it seems your "concern" is just a little affected, and designed to spread FUD.

LordMaim2778d ago

Got news for you. Final Fantasy XV doesn't run smoothly on any system, PlayStation or otherwise.

darthv722778d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

There is the potential for developers to prioritize the Pro over the base model moving forward. That is usually something we see in the PC world with new video cards and devs realize that if they cater to those, it saves them time to try and optimize for something lower. consumers wanting to play the newest game will see that it doesnt run as well as it should and they will either upgrade their graphics card or play something else until they do but ultimately... they upgrade.

That is what sony is hoping people will do as well. As more games come out that look better, play better on the Pro... it is going to make base model consumers realize that they need to upgrade to stay current. sony said the core of the game needs to be the same between base / Pro but they didnt say that performance had to. So this is a new trend that consoles are getting that PC's have had for years.

@ zigg... The PS5 will be greatly improved over the PS4Pro until the PS5Pro comes out 2-3 years after that.

ziggurcat2778d ago


"There is the potential for developers to prioritize the Pro over the base model moving forward..."

except they've never said that.

"That is what sony is hoping people will do as well. As more games come out that look better, play better on the Pro... it is going to make base model consumers realize that they need to upgrade to stay current."

by that time, the PS5 will probably be on the market or announced (at the very least), so that's a moot point.

Ju2778d ago

Well, the alternative is to downgrade Standard games quite a bit more. Is that what you want?

PurpHerbison2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Sony has ALWAYS thought sub30fps was okay. They try to target the best resolution and visuals and allow FPS to take a hit every single time. Evident with the entire PS3 generation and what we have now. The thing is, they aren't really doing anything different. They are doing the same thing they have done with the PS3 and PS4, just on the PS4Pro now. Juice the game as much as you can at 30fps. Older models have no choice but to take a nasty hit.

XStation4pio_Pro2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

one could say you're just getting what you paid for. some of us shelled out money to have those better frame rates and rez. this is where the reality sets in that the ps4 isn't really that powerful (nor the xbox one). the stranger thing still is that games are scalable so you can't really fault the ps4 pro. the dev's can dial down resolution, aliasing and more to get better performance on the base system with no fragmented versioning. its not hard.

I think this is the very reason Sony released the Pro though. The base ps4 is just too underpowered for what they want to do. Maybe these games are just too big for the base ps4 to handle and they knew that (in addition to 4k, vr and a few other reasons for a redo)

Unspoken2778d ago

This was predicted long ago. The disparity between the two was bound to split developer resources and a lack of developer support from Sony will cause consumers to experience severe growing pains.

And because it is Sony, poor performance and required patches are OK. Seems to be a trend.

game4funz2778d ago

Just because the Scorpio is a bigger gap then Ps4 to pro doesn't mean it should be considered as anything different then the pro. That's called an excuse.

Loadedklip2777d ago

Do the 22 dislikes you have at the time of this post means that 22 people do think 20-25 FPS IS ACCEPTABLE???

Or is it 22 completely blind Sony fanboys that can't handle a slightly negative post towards Sony?

Either way ... in-fricking-credible.

Realms2777d ago

It's one freaking game that runs like that and it should be noted that it was in development hell for years. So hear we go with sky is falling articles about how gamers are getting screwed. Why would Sony want to screw over the OG PS4 owners intentionally they represent the majority of software sales?

@ Septic you don't miss a chance to take shots and Sony right and you wonder why you get down voted even when you say something positive because it comes across as disingenuous as F$%!

Raiden2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

The choose is simple when it comes to x1 vs x1 Scorpio, the games will be released for both hardware but you will be given the option to change 720/900p and the same disc if you have Scorpio, it will be different, but I think the wait and see approach is better that speculations based on another Company's experience. If Sony expect they 40million plus ps4 owner's to just go out a buy ps4 pro, then that what will happen as we all want to play our games on system that can handle it.

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darthv722777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )


Scorpio has been confirmed to be part of the Xbox family by Microsoft.

wheresmymonkey2777d ago

But by the same tokem there are games that have patches that dont run as well on pS4 pro. Skyrim and The last of Us remastered instantly spring to mind.

wsoutlaw872777d ago

will everyone stop crying and starting fake outrage about every little thing. Pro coming out didnt change tlg which was in development for like 9 years. Games had sh** frame before and will have sh** frame rates after. not a big deal. If you think only 2 games that are out, knew about pspro during development, you are being... silly.

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Nathan_Hale532777d ago

Crazy how many dislikes you're getting when it is true.

Christopher2777d ago

***That is what sony is hoping people will do as well. ***

How do you know this? You tell people that they don't know if these two games would run the same or not on PS4 if the Pro didn't exist and then you go making the exact same mistake by claiming to know what Sony wants. Looks like you're just supporting your own opinion like anyone else.

The fact is, none of us know anything. What I do know is that these are far from the first games with issues at launch and they won't be the last. The rest is just opinion,