Jimmy Fallon Debuts the Nintendo Switch

Quote: President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aimé guides Jimmy through Super Mario Run before debuting the Nintendo Switch game system by playing The Legend of Zelda in front of creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

PunisherRevenge2729d ago

The Nintendo Switch looks awesome can't wait!

ShadowKnight2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Day one and already pre ordered! Mario run is not coming to Android phones🤔 Zelda ny most anticipated game looks amazing and can't wait to stream my walkthrough on my twitch and YouTube channel 🙌🙌🙌

I'm going to put in so many hours in this game

Fishy Fingers2729d ago

No I think Apple got exclusivity. I imagine that wasn't cheap either.

ShadowKnight2729d ago

@Fishy Fingers

That sucks for Android users. Can't even play it on my galaxy smh. I hope it's a timed exclusive.

sinjonezp2729d ago

I have to say, super Mario run looks really good. Is it free to download and micro transactions, or buy the game and unlock things by playing? And I'm the switch, I like the premise. It seems Nintendo developed the machine based on what Sony tried to do with the PlayStation and the vita with remote play but not having to have multiple systems. So that is "cool". For me it's wait and see on Jan 12th.

Clover9042729d ago

From a Forbes article...

“They’ll be doing it first on iOS,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook as he introduced Miyamoto at the event. “They’ll be doing it in a brand new game, Super Mario Run.”

Mario Run is a timed exclusive.

joab7772729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Curious how different the WiiU and Switch versions will be!

And a deal with Apple is brilliant for Nintendo going forward!

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cleft52729d ago

People can say what they will and be as skeptical as they like, but that level of reaction and excitement resonates with the general population in a big way. I found it to be a bit cringe myself and skipped through a lot of it. But again, that level of excitement just sales products.

XanderZane2727d ago

I want one, especially if it's cheap. Will probably have to wait until next year after Summer though. System looks cool though. Hope it does a lot better then the Wii U. My daughter doesn't even play it as much anymore. Gotta get a few more games for her.

TXIDarkAvenger2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Damn, Breath Of The Wild looks amazing on the Switch.

Genuine-User2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

I'm fully on board with Switch.

Edit: confirmed to run at 30fps.

Judging by the disagrees, some people are not fans of Nintendo I assume?

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Dumpling2728d ago

yup if you follow every post about nintendo youll notice a trend in fanboys from PS4 and xbone being negative as hell on every post. They also downvote the living hell out of every nintendo post. I think its because N4G has a lot of PS4 fanboys(not normal fans) but the kind that love console war bs.

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starchild2728d ago

Yeah, I'm a Sony fan in the sense that the only consoles I own are Playstations (PS4 and PS3) and I like Sony's approach and the games they put out, but the fanaticism of many Sony fanboys on this site is hard to stomach sometimes. Anything not Sony--whether Nintendo, PC or Xbox--is always downplayed if not outright bashed. I think the Nintendo Switch looks really interesting and quite promising. The idea of a hybrid console that can act as a normal home console when at home and as a handheld when away from the house is brilliant.

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Dumpling2728d ago

yeah man im also a Sony fan. I got my PS4 and a bunch of awesome jrpgs but i also love nintendo and if there were games that interested me on Xbone i would also have one. Im not a fanboy of any company. If you got cool games for your console i sure as hell will buy it. I just want to play fun games :)

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XanderZane2727d ago

Or Microsoft. lol!! Mostly on this site though.

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InMyOpinion2729d ago

Can't stand Jimmy Fallon and his fake plastic appearance. Switch looks interesting though.

Lou Ferrigno2729d ago

yea i'm on the same boat.. he overreacted a bit much for my taste .. i have never seen anyone that excited about something they know nothing about lol.

PurpHerbison2729d ago

He does this with every single guest. I'm still curious who is responsible for Fallons ascension in the entertainment world. There is somebody behind the scenes green lighting every step he takes and I want to know who the hell it is.

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InMyOpinion2728d ago

@PurpHerbison - He's channeling the ghost of Ted Bundy.

XanderZane2727d ago

He seemed to know a lot about the Switch system. He was pretty knowledgeable.

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