The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild Shown Running on Nintendo Switch for the First Time

Today, during Jimmy Fallon’s tonight show, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé showcased The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on Nintendo Switch for the first time.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane707d ago (Edited 706d ago )

Switch looks amazing. Absolute day one. So happy Nintendo doing their thing.

Edit: The hardware just looks sexy as F. I'm glad they've gone with this space grey/black approach rather than the usual white.

jaymacx707d ago

Jimmy is acting just like I would have LOL.

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Summons75706d ago


You didn't watch the video closely then. He WAS reacting. He the Switch was passed to him and you got a close up of the screen you could see his hands clearly trembling in excitement. He is genuinely excited like any fan should be. He isn't Conan who ONLY has games on his show for marketing and ratings but really couldn't care less, he has them on the show because he actually likes games obviously marketing is apart of it but it wouldn't be if he didn't care.

jaymacx706d ago

I would not have been pretending and my reaction would be genuine. I don't get excited easily but when I do people take notice lol.

cartoonx1706d ago

i think this switch is the best console a PC gamer can get. im personally very interested for the 1st time for a console. hoping for some good battery on the go.

EddieNX 706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

For the first time since gamecube they are releasing cutting edge, powerful hardware. Wii,DS,Wiiu,3DS were all underpowered and focuses on fun gimmicks. They seem to of spent all of the budget in making it the most powerful portable hybrid they possibly could of done which is what we all wanted to see. I think it's way cooler than a normal console box. The tech is a lot more advanced than the chips in original ps4 and Xbox one. . @dranzer we basically do know what is inside the switch an that it's exceptionally powerful for a handheld using Nvidia Tegra GPU which are the best out atm so please explain how I'm wrong? It IS using a cutting edge, new mobile chip. I don't expect Zelda to look much better on Switch just higher resolution and frame-rate and it looks to have just that. Maybe higher resolution textures better draw distance, less pop in and that sort of thing. I'm not using Zelda as a graphical benchmark either, it's a launch title port of a Wiiu game. Apparently Dark souls 3 is running on Switch so in future we'll get games that are graphically intense like that.

dRanzer706d ago

You speak like you know the hardware inside the Switch...please tell us more
Anyway,zelda looks like a wii u game with better texturs
Lets back to reality

gamerswin24706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

Eddie we know your a Nintendo rabid fan and through there misteps you've enabled them and always flip a negative to a positive. So your hyperbole and take on it is exoected. You can not impartially criticize Nintendo, its not in you. Same person that went in a Sony thread to troll. To say nothing compelling about psvr yet its more innovative than switch by miles, has tons of good games already. Your response "nintendo did virtual boy" lol haha which all professionals agree was not true vr or vr in any capacity. You can't be taken seriously :)

Everything is pointing to Switch either being a little weaker or on par with Xbox one which isn't cutting edge. Don't fall for all that customized chip bs because we saw how Wiiu turned out, that's just PR bs. The last handheld was released years ago so offering the graphics its offering in the go isn't a huge feat. On the console side it is underwhelming.

Lol at using Dark Souls as a metric for its power. Souls games all have performance issues and arent graphically top of the line games. Everyone knows that.

Im interested in Switch and will probably get one if priced 250 or less bcus it definitely is not a 300 console.

EddieNX 706d ago

Gamerswin . So a handheld that's on par with a current gen console isn't cutting edge? How do you work that one out buddy? Dark souls 3 is a good lookin current gen game using a new engine an if Switch can run it l, I think a lot of people will be impressed. Try not to freeze to death in your cave tonight an try not to play your PSVR for too long

MRMagoo123706d ago


when it's not docked and in hand held form it's power is reduced so not very cutting edge

_-EDMIX-_706d ago

Eddie- yes. Agreed

@gamer,- not necessarily I agree with what he's saying and I would not describe myself as a Nintendo fanboy. He is also correct that something like Dark Souls 3 running on the switch at least gives us an indication of what the platform can do.

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notachance706d ago

I'm glad the fps on portable screen looks smooth, because on the reveal trailer it's looks a bit laggy

bow2yoda706d ago

maybe because they used alpha or beta footage for the trailers lol

_-EDMIX-_706d ago


I'm just happy it's just a traditional platform. Just give me some face buttons and a screen.

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Ristul707d ago

Wow, I'm so on board with this, march can't come soon enough!

WickedLester707d ago

That was so great You could tell Fallon was genuinely geeking out on stage! I was grinning from ear to ear watching his reaction. Fallon has done plentiy of gaming/tech segments on his show but I've NEVER seen him react like that before LOL! His hands were literally shaking when he was holding the Switch.

EddieNX 707d ago

Well that was amazing. It seemed to look a lot better on switch, frame rate was smooooth. The fact that they've released a handheld that is powerful enough to run full games is crazy lol.

Vegamyster706d ago

Happy to see the smooth framerate based on what little they showed, Wii-U was chugging every time there was an explosion.

EddieNX 706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

I recon 900p 60fps with improved assets on Switch and 720p 25-30fps on Wiiu. @ziv the switch outputs higher resolution on TV though.maybe when un docked it runs at 720 60 and then when docked 900 or 1080 60

zivtheawesome706d ago

the rumors state the screen is only 720p so probably a better guess would be 720p 60fps with improved assets/effects. it is more than a few times better so it won't be surprising.

gamerswin24706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

Now its a handheld? Isnt it suppose to be a console with handheld capabilities but when we mention how it's underwhelming console you flip flop lol The graphics its offering on the go is not amazing lol vita was relased yearssss ago and was able to do that. These graphics on the go were expected. Vita was released many years ago this is the progression of things and even phones can offer beautiful on the go gaming.

The lack of reading comprehension on this site is amazing lol haha smh

Dumpling706d ago

The vita is great but its pretty obvious the Switch is much stronger since its got new hardware so i dunno what youre talking about. Seriously everytime theres a possitive article on the switch some of you people show up to talk shit. get a life man, if you dont like the switch go do something you enjoy and leave us who are excited for this console alone.

iplay1up2706d ago

Seriously, you thinlk Vita could do what Switch does????? Bwhahahahanha, no just no. Vita was very powerful when released, but it could not by any means run URE4, which Switch can!

gamerswin24706d ago

Dumpling if you knew how to read that is my point!!!! Vita released years ago and it was a powerful handheld with almost console like games and graphics. Switch is coming years later so it isn't "amazing" its playing console games on the go, its "expected" and a progression. Anything less would be absurd which is why DS got slack bcus they should have been better graphically. Next time take a deep breathe and read what ppl comment before jumping in the comment.

Dumpling why don't u get a life? Foh with that nonsense. My comment is based off experience and what we know and is in response to a person who trolls Sony articles. The problem with some of you so called fans is you take critique of your favorite gaming consoles personally, as if your life depended on it. Since u like to point things out let me point something out to you. Historically Nintendo lately has been outputting weak hardware at high prices with a rotation of same ips with little to no new ips and you guys continuously give them a free pass. They lost millions of consumers because of bad steps they made but ppl like you enable them and get mad when ppl call them out. You get a life and stop getting mad at ppl who give fair points and don't go goo goo over the same IPS Every gen.

I will be there day one getting a switch if it's priced right, wtf are you to tell ppl what they aren't or are excited for smh.

Vegamyster706d ago

The Vita is no way could do this, Borderlands 2 was dropping into the low teens & single digits, nearly every graphically demanding linear game could not hold 30 fps based on my experience. Vita was promoted as home console gaming on the go but it never lived up to that, the Switch is the first true hybrid that will run home console games on the go.

_-EDMIX-_706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

? It's always been a portable please don't let deceptive marketing fool you.

I understand that Nintendo wants to watch what they call it but I don't agree with them continuously ignoring what it is what they should have done was call it a hybrid in that should have been the term they should have been using the whole time to Market this.

I completely agree with you in regards to the bizarre marketing but I disagree with you and the respect of it being similar to the PlayStation Vita it is very clear that the switch is more powerful.

In regards to anyone trying to masquerade this as a console You're simply looking at a device that is very underwhelming in regards to what it could do in comparison to other consoles it's why I think might have been better that Nintendo focused on marketing it as a hybrid and not only using the term console because it might confuse consumers and I think hybrid at least puts it in the ballpark of doing both.

Edit- okay disregard what I said about the Vita I understand what you mean gamer.

You mean powerful handheld not a direct comparison.


What's titles like gravity Rush and World of Final Fantasy it is very clear that the PlayStation Vita is clearly powerful enough to have lots of titles

_-EDMIX-_706d ago

@vega- will the PlayStation Vita cannot do that because it's not as powerful but that's sort of a moot point that's not really what even being debated it simply stating that a powerful handheld has released before with games that are of great quality.

I completely understand what gamer is saying now.

You might feel but the switch is doing the hybrid better but it doesn't disregard that the PlayStation Vita released with quality titles. The PlayStation Vita released before the PlayStation 4 and the titles that they had were definitely in comparison to the PlayStation 3.

In fact there's many PlayStation Vita titles that came to the PlayStation 4 and not the PlayStation 3 likely because of technical issues.

I don't even believe that the switch is the first time Nintendo has created a handheld that is given such quality especially if you look at the 3DS titles like Resident Evil Revelations are very much console-quality as I played the original and the port.

I'm sorry but handheld games for a very long time have been up to par with the previous consoles that released.

There are some titles that don't really take that much power or graphical capability look at animal crossing new leaf I didn't think I would like an Animal Crossing on mobile and right now it's personally my favorite animal crossing game and I never saw it as lesser because I played it on handheld. It literally is exactly what I was playing on Console if not greater quality than when I played on the GameCube.

So in my personal opinion it's not if a portable can produce console-quality the real question is can it produce quality of the platforms that are currently released right now?

I'm sorry but console quality in general by default is with all handhelds because all handhelds are more powerful than the previous's moot.

That's like saying a handheld cannot have a game like Metal Gear Solid like it was on the PlayStation 2 despite all handheld currently being more powerful than the PlayStation 2..

It's not about if I can have console-quality, it's about Can it have console quality of the current platforms and that is largely in part the term it by Developers.

ie world of Final Fantasy is on the Playstation Vita and it's also on the PlayStation 4 soooo what do you make of that?

Is the handheld playing console level games or is the console playing handheld level games? I think you just have to realize that games are games.

There's a power difference between consoles clearly like there was between the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U but that didn't stop the Wii U from producing some quality level games the same can be said about handheld it doesn't mean the games are of any lesser quality cuz that doesn't really make any sense.

If consoles can have varying quality and so could any other Hardware so I don't really think it's that relevant to start with this whole stupid labeling of "console quality".

Consider this if the switch was just the Wii U but a portable do you seriously think people would be caring that much? Would that not be console-quality? Lol

vergilxx3706d ago

I am ps vita owner and as much as i live it i have to admit that it can't do anything close to this
the problem with it was that people were expecting console like graphics from it but it was weaker than ps3 and ps4 was already on it's way so people got even less interested in old gen graphics

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_-EDMIX-_706d ago

Well. .

What do you define as a full game? Because I believe the games on 3DS are still full games. They are not half lol

Overtime we're always going to get a handheld that outperforms the previous consoles so this playing the Wii U title isn't really that shocking.

I think it's amazing but I also don't think it's revolutionary or unheard-of consider you could play a lot of PlayStation 1 titles on the PSP.

gamerswin24706d ago

My point exactly. With how powerful the vita was years ago and how underpowered Nintendo systems are and how they rely on mainly cute art styles in games it was only natural the next handheld from whoever would play these type of games.

And lol at ppl saying that vita didn't play console games on the go lol with great graphics ummmmm I could have sworn I played

Battle All Stars
Unit 13

And others that were great games, some had console mirror versions and others that didn't could surely have been direct console ports. Till this day killzone mercenary is one of the most beautiful games on any system and a direct console port would have felt like a full console game. Its better than most shooters.

Let's not add remote play to the equation which is you literally playing ps4 games on the go :)

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