The Last Guardian Continues 2016’s Disappointing Trend

I think for a lot of people, 2016 will be the year that they were let down by games that didn't attain the perfection promised by the surrounding hype. Whether that hype be generated by over-zealous advertising, or the gestation over a more than lengthy development period, games this year have consistently fallen short of the expected mark.

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Gustertote2303d ago

A lot of people still highly praise TLG, and I don't doubt that in many ways, it's a great game. But for having been in development for so long, many reviewers are finding a lot of flaws that unnecessarily detract from what should be an amazing experience.

Aloy-Boyfriend2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Ah gimme a break!

The issues with games always have to be overblown by the internet people, while others just work around them and still have fun. Some wonky camera is not something to make a big fuss about. It happes pretty much with everyona in closed areas. The feel of the controls have a purpose, but people rather call that an issue because they are used to games holding their hands.

A lenghty game development isn't magically gonna guarante a perfect game. That is just bollocks! You should be happy that TLG and even FFXV turned out to be well received with their troubled development, while other games plain suck or never see the day of the day

See that is the only issue here: the Internet people always have to bitch about something. It is not about games being great or fun anymore. Everyone now is a self centered critic. It's more fun blowing stuff out of proportion, hating games and exclusives rather than playing them. Way to go! You are doind the industry a big favor Internet.

Razzer2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Did you write this article? If are referencing other reviewers as your basis? Is that how you judge a game to be "disappointing"?

TKCMuzzer2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Do you not think they may also look for the floors more because of the time schedule? Reviewers look for faults as they believe it is part of their job. It's very rare to read a review that sounds passionate about the game they are playing before their review head comes into play. I disagree with reviews more this gen than any other because I don't go into games looking for negatives so my overall outlook of the game differs from someone who reviews for a living. Games are art, development time should not really influence the review because they don't know the reasons behind the delay.
It's also important that games like this get mixed reviews, it was never going to be a game that everybody loved and that's good for the industry. Reviewers themselves continuously go on about the lack of variety this gen, they can't have everything.The game will have it's audience that loves it and thats the most important thing, just like the previous titles from the same guys.
Plus you are basing your comments off others without experience, what may be annoying to them may not be to you or I.

ziggurcat2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

"...many reviewers are finding a lot of flaws that unnecessarily detract from what should be an amazing experience..."

you mean like the reviewer who said the animation in the game was amazing, and then listed animation as being one of its "flaws"? and the same reviewer who said that Trico acting like how an animal is supposed to act was great, and then listed his that how his AI is handled as a "flaw"?

I'm also guessing that the "complaints" about the controls/camera are coming from people who have never played any of this game's predecessors.

xDealtwithIt2303d ago

There are definite flaws in the game. The flaws of camera is one of them and no, the horrible camera being in previous games isn't an excuse. It means nothing that could have been fixed or tightened up in previous games were fixed.

Basically a direct port.

10 years and the game drops framerate is inexcusable and the lot of you would crucify any other game on another system if it had the same issues.

I see a lot of you go after Ubi for a lot less. The game is getting praises regardless but let one or two reviews/opinions about a game and this fanbase gets easily triggered and start blaming gaming journalists of horrible journalism. (Even sometimes blaming America) Ive never seen such massive exaggeration get agreed and discussed as actual truth then I have with this fan base.

OB1Biker2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

'reviews sitting at less that 80% are being derided by those who refuse to remove their rose-tinted glasses and actually look at the game, but the chorus of reviews speak for themselves.

The Last Guardian currently sits at 83/100 on metacritic. This is an excellent score, no question. It seems as if many are truly enjoying the game, '

Wtf that doesn't make sense at all hahaha
'their rose-tinted glasses and actually look at the game, but the chorus of reviews speak for themselves. Themselves...themselves...
It seems as if...

Razzer2303d ago

@xDealtwithIt isn't even a first-hand opinion. This guy focused on the flaws from negative reviews he read and dubbed the game disappointing. You can call that "journalism" if you want, but it isn't.

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ZeroX98762303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Ok, can someone tell me if there's a way to completely filter out every opinion piece on N4G's main page? I would really appreciate it if this feature is available/ or coming in the future.

I'm using this sites for news, articles, reviews and such, NOT for opinion pieces especially like this one. It's easy to enumerate the Cons of every game and not mention any Pros. I tend to be optimistic in general and I'll always be.

Razzer2303d ago

I would love an "ignore site" feature here. Seriously.

xDealtwithIt2303d ago

Not really sure if there's an ignore feature but you can try what I usually do, not . click . on . the . story.

It's a new technique that I'm sure many more will catch on with instead of complaining that they saw an article they didn't like.

Razzer2303d ago

Yeah....we shouldn't give people options. Stupid idea.

xDealtwithIt2303d ago

Don't click the article, exactly how many more options do you need?

Razzer2303d ago

Look....too many sites use n4g to promote their click bait crap. I get it. "Don't click". Think bigger. If users are actively ignoring these sites then maybe they will stop drawing so much traffic from n4g. Publish the percent of users who ignoring each site. Gives users a tool to go by and informs the site of how their content is being rejected. will never happen. I know this. n4g makes money from this click bait just like these sites do. Futile effort, but can dream.

ZeroX98762303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )


Well It's just annoying having to scroll 4 pages long to realize that more than 50% of them are opinion pieces.

Ignore site would be a great start! Already got a list in my mind....

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Genuine-User2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

2016 has been an absolute fantastic year for gaming.

Wtf is wrong with some of these gamers/writers. You gotta tone down your ridiculous hype fueled expectations.

83 metacritic from 64 reviews is a great f'king score. Especially for a game that's gone through a troubled 8-9 year development period.

phantomexe2303d ago

Lost interest in it years ago. Game needed a different launch window imo as well. The ps4 has alot of great games out right now in the xmas window so maybe it will do alittle better down the road.

SquidBuck2303d ago

Even on Metacritic there are 3 times mores positive reviews than lower ones.

Aceman182303d ago

So a game averaging in the 80s is a disappointment now? Give me a friggin break these entitled gamers, and media people need to go somewhere and do something with yourself.

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Inzo2303d ago

This is of course in your opinion right?

Razzer2303d ago

No shit. These asshats write like they are speaking for everyone

Silly gameAr2303d ago

Of course not. Gamerpros speaks for the net. Nothing but facts here. The blog has spoken.

MRMagoo1232303d ago

it's sarcasm guys .......jeez the Internet is dumb 😂

xDealtwithIt2303d ago

Exactly how is this piece acting like an opinion is fact when we all know it's an opinion.

Should the author put IMO after every sentence he makes to make sure people understand its his opinion? Do you need hand holding as well as coddling with your reading comprehension?

Razzer2303d ago


No. He shouldn't write an article based solely on what others have written. This is the "journalism" you are defending.

xDealtwithIt2303d ago

I am positive that this is an opinion. I saw the words Opinion Piece in the category. I know right, that an opinion doesn't line up with your own?

Silly gameAr2303d ago

No need to come to the defense xDeal. I'm positive that it's an opinion too, but it's the whole acting like opinion is fact that I'm not a fan of.

xDealtwithIt2303d ago

"No need to come to the defense xDeal"

In other words, join in on the very silly attacks, exaggerations and other angry antics of this mob mentality instead of being rational.

Silly gameAr2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

That's what you get from "no need to come to the defense?" So you're ok with his opinion, but not with anyone's opinion against the opinion of this article? You call it a mob mentality, but that's because you can't accept other people's opinions but the negative ones.

xDealtwithIt2303d ago


Please read your silly comment over again please. Not agreeing with an opinion is one thing, but calling an article clickbait, accusing of the article of presenting their opinion as fact, wanting to get rid of the article are not defending opinions, they're nothing but irrational attacks.

The funny thing is you say no need for me to defend but you have no problem with all the hatred aimed at the story.

It's also funny that you say I can't accept anyone else's opinion when you yourself made up that this story was passed off as fact. Can I also use that lame excuse for the comments i dont agree with?

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moegooner882303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

"The Last Guardian Continues 2016’s Disappointing Trend."

You mean the trend of "gaming journalists" writing crap pieces. Agreed.

curtis922303d ago

No need for me to scroll down any further, this comment sums it up nicely.

xDealtwithIt2303d ago

- "Last Guardian is the best game ever!!"

Journalists are the best ever, i agree!

- "Last Guardian is a horrible game!"

Gaming journalism is the worse year after year. I hate all review sites who don't share my interests and likes!

moegooner882303d ago

Would you like some chips with that salt?

xDealtwithIt2303d ago

Heck no, judging by all the comments here, these guys blood pressure is high enough right?

2303d ago
renanbianchi2303d ago

TLG is a great game. You should stop the hype, it's harming the industry as a whole.

Krangs_Uncle2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

I've been trying to not get worked up by these shoddy writers now.. Because they don't matter essentially. They are a tadpole in a sea of, well, other tadpoles. They focus on PS4 games because that's where the 'clicks' are (I know he mentioned Quantum Break - but he focuses much more on Sony)..

The majority of gamers think differently to these sites, while Sony continues to put them in their place.. Time after time.

For the record I pretty much wrote more on my shopping list today than this chump did on this article - what a non-piece of journalism. Back to your day job!

conanlifts2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

The thing is i have played pretty much every game like quantum break etc and they were all underscored. To me gears 4 while still sitting in the 80's was the most underscored game. It easily holds its head up against all of its predecessors, which were all 90+. There is something wrong with game reviewers this gen. If the majority of people score a game 9 or 10 and a someone else scores it 4 they should really question whether they like gaming. For me i always think of bloodborne, i hated that game and tried for hours to enjoy it. But i hated it. Despite this i would give it a good score because i appreciate why people would love it. Its just not my type of game, so the problem would be mine not the games. This is, i believe, where reviewers are failing.

Krangs_Uncle2303d ago

I was surprised by Gears score too to be honest, looked solid.. Haven't played it personally. There is no honour in the profession anymore.

Well said though!