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Kramerica131657d ago

This is pretty on the money.

thorstein1657d ago

Because he writes for Twinfinite.

Muadiib1657d ago

My list would include NMS (of course), The Witness, Owlboy and Hyper Light Drifter. I was looking forward to those games for a longtime and they all disappointed me no end. I also got bored with Thumper and the new Deus Ex really quickly but may revisit them. My fave games this year were mostly ones that launched last year like Arkham Knight and WH Vermintide. I got them a lot cheaper and all nicely patched up ;)

Over all this has been a mostly terrible year for gaming except for Dark Souls 3 and Doom which were admittedly superb and VR which I can't afford for another month or so...

SvenMossoux1657d ago

There certainly were some solid games, but I greatly agree with the fact that 2016 disappointed quite tremendously... Were there any games on the list you actually enjoyed, Muadiib?

Muadiib1657d ago

Hopefully 2017 is an improvement huh! The only game I played from your list was NMS and you already know how I felt about that, all of the rest I avoided because of reviews/user feedback, genres I don't like or on formats I don't own.

SvenMossoux1657d ago

2017 looks like it'll be a decent year with the Nintendo Switch coming out!

legionsoup1657d ago

The only game I disagree with is Street Fighter V. I can see the argument, though. It lacked modes and options. However, for me, it is the best playing, smoothest and most rewarding fighting game I've ever played. I know that's a very subjective thing, so options will definitely vary, but for my money, I love the gameplay and feel of Street Fighter V.

SvenMossoux1657d ago

Everyone has his own taste, legionsoup! I personally truly enjoyed Mirror's Edge Catalyst, but I could see why some wouldn't enjoy it.

xDealtwithIt1657d ago

Nothing can be more disappointing than NMS. The hype it generated from Sony and Sean Murray surpassed anything The Order achieved. At least there was a semi compentent game in The Order, NMS couldnt even get that right.

SvenMossoux1657d ago

There are enjoyable aspects to No Man's Sky, but those fade far too quickly. Never played The Order myself, but it sure looked functional to me!