The Worst/Most Disappointing Games of 2016

While 2016 had a crop of stellar AAA and indie titles, it also featured some fantastic flops that did not live up to expectations.

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Deathdeliverer1744d ago

Street Fighter may have started off disappointing, like killer instinct and any other game that dares to do something different, but look at it now and the plan for its future. The only thing "missing" now is Arcade mode. Looking at strictly the fighting system and gameplay, it's top of the line. Season 2 begins on December 20 with a host of changes, a new story continuation in the works, and new modes coming all the time, just like season 1.
People laughed at Killer Instincts launch version. I could care less as I was looking at the bigger picture and was there day one for my Xbox one. It had a Arcade mode with no endings, no boss (basically a time trial), no lobby system, could only play with a person on your friends list if you made a Xbox party with only you two in it, and I think 4 launch characters. Look at the game now. Modes galore, characters, and ENDINGS.
Vanilla SF4 and most other Fighters that are the "first" in a new battle/graphics system are lacking in areas. It's just with SFV you won't have to pay for what's been essentially a update. It's free. Like I've said before, the people that care know this already. The people that don't care just jumped on the complaining bandwagon and could care less about facts.

Teflon021744d ago

This is what I've been telling people. Why is everyone crying like Capcom didn't already show everyone the blueprint. The game lacked as much as sfiv originally but you don't buy nothing but costumes and if you want to stages and characters which you can earn if you play enough and honestly if you're decent at the game, best the story on normal and hard the prologues survivals, the trails and tutorials plus challenges and you can basically get any character you want. You'll have enough for Atleast 3 or 4 and even more is when you unlock more characters you get even more opportunities to gain Fm. The game now is way more than what Sfiv was and closer to ssfiv and just now will pass that. Buying only one version. Plus sfv hands down has the best fighting out of the main sf titles Imo plus this gen Imo.

RAM0N 1744d ago

Yep, I bought sfv day 1 and still play it.

Skankinruby1744d ago

Leave street fighter alone that game is excellent. It lacked content in the beginning but has the most addictive gameplay in any fighting game I've ever played.

dmonee1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Lol...I thought for sure the author was going to throw "The last guardian" in there. The timing would have been impeccable for this article. But his comments about about "Schick Razor guy" at the end had me laughing out loud.

LA_Zeo1744d ago

I don't care to read the article I'm glad I picked up Street Fighter V its highly addictive and a great fighting game to have.

RAM0N 1744d ago

Street Fighter V is so addictive. I bought the game twice becouse I needed phisical, I got tired of taking the game in and out the ps4.

Sfv has a lot of replay value, really recommend it