Crysis coming to 360; 2 other new games too

Crysis has been announced to be coming to the 360 on the 1UP show. A developer talking to the 1UP guys when they were at CES revealed several details about the 360 version. Two other games also announced are Warhound and CrimeCraft.

Crysis is coming to the 360. However, that PC game won't be the same game as what we will see on the home console. Because Crysis will be running at DirectX10, the game would look inferior since the 360 can only do DirectX9 (as mentioned before). So, the developers are using the same universe that the PC game is set in, with some similar story elements, but the gameplay will be entirely different. The developers told the 1UP guys that they weren't even going to try and replicate Crysis. This would be because the PC version will be running so much more stuff that the 360 couldn't handle, and would be disappointing. They stated that the game needs to run deeper, with the physics and world needing to be constructed differently.

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EnforcerOfTheTruth5238d ago

Told ya, you better start to believe what I say.

"Don't put also too high hopes on 360 running fully dx10. Just not enough horsepower and hardware compability. I teached you numerous times, so you better believe what I say. 360 HDMI cable anyone? Haha I remember long ass discussions with MS fanboys which claimed 360 will have one and now you have it. Still no HDMI cable and MS is experimenting with a cooler, quiter 360 with HDMI output. If they release such version, then you all got screwed bigtime...again...$99 20GB HDD while everybody else get's 120GB for $99? Autsch, sorry for being that cruel..."

pwned ;-)

Mikey_Gee5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

Did you pick up your "BORN-2-BASH" t-shirt yet ??

power of Green 5238d ago

Talk about fanatic!, running in here like a rampaging "Chimp" screaming HDMI?, HDD?, cooling?.

Scrumptious5238d ago

More 360 exclusive goodness. Look for a sloppy Crysis port for the PS3 about 9 months later with everything downgraded!

Hey Zeus5238d ago

I'm gonna say this much, it's a bit fuking dissapointing that a next gen console has been out 1 year and the games on PC are already way ahead of the times, i say makes me wonder what the fuking point is, Fanboyism aside 4 this, this is not on, the next gen machine shouldn't be getting outdated by PC games in there first 2 years.

Marriot VP5238d ago

are you willing to be one of the very few people who actually have a good enough PC to run crysis in DX10 flawlessly. Somehow the difference of 400$ instead of 2000$ makes it worth it.

That's why it's being ported, because there's over 10 million potential buyers ready and willing.

Scrumptious5238d ago

Plus I don't remember the PS2 ever being superior or equal to a PC at the time of launch.

I do think those developers are underestimating the GPU is the 360, as the R600 hasn't even been released yet, and it's based on the 360 GPU. the same can't be said for the PS3, as it's GPU was released in early 2005 for the PC. At least the 360 titles looked equal or better than their PC counterparts when released. (COD2 and Oblivion)

candystop5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

Crysis for 360 is good news and actually exciting news since I for one only thought it was possible on PC! Haters can talk down on 360 all they want but im here to say that im a happy owner and will one day be picking up a ps3 also!

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