Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary roadmap, massive collection incoming

Square Enix will celebrate the 30th anniversary in the Final Fantasy series with new releases and stunning Final Fantasy compilation editions. [...]

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thejigisup1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

I am super amped about this. What an amazing collection.

Ranma11755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

FF1 to FF15 in 1 disk would be even more awesome.

But I think they should not include FF13 in such a disk, to send a message to their fans that they are going in the right direction by pretending that one doesnt exist.

Fishy Fingers1755d ago

Did you read the article? I'm assuming not. XIII is getting its own trilogy collection and the 30th anniversary contains FFI - IX.

0Day1755d ago

Its included in the crystal collection variant, but not the standard. The XIII's are terrible anyways, Im glad I have a choice to own it or not.

sazzad_101861755d ago

I thought FF13 was an on rails shooter?

I never knew it was an rpg game. You learn new things everyday

_-EDMIX-_1755d ago

Lol no.

I didn't care for Final Fantasy XIII either but we need to seriously stop pretending that the titles we didn't like don't exist Final Fantasy is not a series that has a continuation it's simply a series that has different titles every entry in different stories along with different battle systems.

Not to mention but the disrespect to the 8 million people that purchased it in the hundreds of people that developed that game I may disagree with its approach and I didn't personally like it but I would never dare disrespect so many fans and creators based on my own personal opinion at some point we need to seriously detach ourselves emotionally from such a thing as I noticed lots of people love making these type of suggestions or remarks based on emotion alone.

Mind you I'm one of Final Fantasy XIII biggest critics and admittedly never even completed the game.

To my understanding Final Fantasy XIII is getting its own ultimate collection for PlayStation 4.

I believe Final Fantasy 10 and 12 are also not in this collection simply because they've been remastered already and I think Square wanted to have all the games on one disc and putting those games in might be too much space.

thejigisup1755d ago

but it does exist. Many people liked it, I didn't but many did. You don't have to play it but it'll be nice to have.

DragonKnight1755d ago

8 million bought it on hype, not quality.

Hironobu Sakaguchi himself doesn't like FFXIII and is one of the main reasons he left SE. So I think it's safe to say the games are objectively terrible and those who like them have low standards at best.

bouzebbal1755d ago

Oh my god I just fainted

chadwarden1755d ago


8 million? Is that a matter of fact?

1754d ago
F0XHOUND1754d ago

The constant hate toward FFXIII is so annoying, in almost every article related to FF its here. Was the soundtrack good? Was the world design and artistic direction good? To me, these two things made the game extremely memorable, I loved exploring the "levels", sure they were linear, but it was beautiful. The village of oerba with its music + design is almost unmatched in the series, various other locations in XIII have been designed extremely well, this was an rpg with a somewhat archaic design, things have changed now with XV, so let it die with the hate! The story was ok, characters again were just about ok, overall it was a good game, nothing vs other FF's in terms of top 10, but still... drop the hate, this is a collection of the classics!

bouzebbal1754d ago

Would be stupid to do that. People just bought FF15, why buy it twice?? Except if you wanna pay double price of a game for this and not many are ready for that.
A compilation FF1-9 is a dream !!! That's months of gameplay. I can't believe it i was hoping for FF7-8-9 on one DVD when PS2 came out and now we get so much more, and with extras. Day one!
I think i'll get it on Vita to use with PSTV.

Eonjay1754d ago

The collectors edition must be like like $200 just withe the software alone not including the other items:

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection titles (FF I to IX), Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy, Final Fantasy XV (and all DLC), Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (including all expansions + a 3 month subscription). Special items for Final Fantasy XI Mobile and Final Fantasy XIV will be included as well"

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Ranma11755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

This interview question with Sakaguchi 4 days ago suddenly gets interesting now:
"So, Final Fantasy will be 30 years old. What would you say if Square Enix wanted to bring the original development team back to make a commemorative, anniversary project with Yoshitaka Amano, Nobuo Uematsu, and you?"

Answer by Sakaguchi:
Well, we would have to make it in pixel art.


_-EDMIX-_1755d ago

I think he might team up with Tokyo RPG or the team that made world of Final Fantasy.

Ranma11755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

They should just outsource there FF games to Level5 and Atlus.

Am sure they would do better stories like the old FF games

sazzad_101861755d ago

All the FF games still 9 on 1 disk would be an easy sell. Not a single one of those games are crap like some of the newer FF`s

phantomexe1755d ago

Amen to that 1-9 are the crown jewel

_-EDMIX-_1755d ago

I agree but I like most of the Final Fantasy titles.

I'm pretty positive you're always going to find somebody that doesn't like some of the titles for example I don't care for the story in Final Fantasy 5 despite having absolutely amazing gameplay in regards to the job system.

DragonKnight1755d ago

Debateable. FF II is pretty bad. Not FFXIII bad, but close. The rest are gold.

oof461755d ago

I can do without VII and VIII, but this is a wonderful collection.

Ranma11755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

@oof46, are you being serious about not wanting ff7 and 8 in the collection?

or just trolling

oof461755d ago

@Ranma: No, I'm totally serious. For VII, we've seen a, PSN re-release, a PC re-release, a ps4 re-release and an iOS re-release. VIII? When it first came out, I dug it, at first. But the story totally lost me at the end. VI is my favorite, but I'm VERY happy to play IX again.

1754d ago
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xfiles20991755d ago

Why say up top Xbox One I did not hear or read anything about this coming to Xbone I hope it does not It has been proven it is a waste of time and money to put games like thins on the Xbone. But regardless I read about this yesterday and was pretty shocked.

-Foxtrot1755d ago

This sounds f****** amazing

The collectors edition sounds pricey...however I don't see why they included FF15 when they just had a FF15 Ultimate edition with Kingsglaive and Brotherhood in it. Then you get the FF13 trilogy aswell...*shivers*

Shame there's no Steelbook. The Older FF games never got Steelbooks so it would have been nice to have them in this one disc.

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Deep-throat1755d ago

So it's coming to the PC master race! Bow down!

Ranma11755d ago

Consoles are more convenient than PC.

And PC gets all its games last. That must make PC gamers feel depressed.

Movefasta19931755d ago

It's better than not getting it at all to be honest, but I can't wait that long.Ill just play it on the pro and then on steam

Dasteru1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Consoles have not been more convenient than PC since the PS2. You can connect a PC to a TV and sit on a sofa while using a controller just as easy as with any console. HDMI cable to the TV, controller to USB, done. If you use SteamOS or have Steam load into big picture mode on boot, then you do not even need a keyboard or mouse connected. It literally functions exactly like a console, just with a much bigger box sitting in front of you. The only way consoles were ever more convenient was in the fact that everything was immediately playable from the cart/disk without patches or installs. That is no longer the case.

PC also gets a ton of exclusives that consoles do not get at all. You may not know about them due to not paying attention to PC gaming news, but PC gets an average of 150-200 exclusives (Not counting MMOs) every single year. The PS3 only got ~120 exclusives in its entire 7 year life and the 360 got around 150 in its 8 years.

angelosam1755d ago

Name 1 way in which PC is better than consoles for gaming.

I dont see advanatges

SegaGamer1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Graphics, frames per second, mods, mouse / keyboard / controller of your choice.

I game mainly on consoles but you must have no knowledge of PC's if your think there are no advantages over a console.

Deep-throat1755d ago

Free online, cheaper new games.

Aloren1755d ago

Tons of games in genres that hardly ever appear on consoles (RTS, city builders, MOBAs, MMOs, action rpg, 4X...) and also tons of games in genres that are popular on consoles.

Exvalos1755d ago

You still don't have ff15, whether it comes in the future is irrelevant, as of now as of this moment your a PEASANT!

BinaryMind1755d ago

If true, the big news here is that the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming out next year.

Goldby1755d ago

not surprised with it being the 20th anniverasary of the NA release fo the game

Ranma11755d ago

I guarantee this will get released in europe

sazzad_101861755d ago


If it is episodes I will skip FF7 remake entirely

1755d ago
_-EDMIX-_1755d ago

.... or just wait till it's completed.

to be honest it's completely up to you no one's putting a gun to your head and forcing you to play it by episodes, that's your choice

thejigisup1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

why? like _-EDMIX-_ stated you could just wait. I mean just as a collection this is well worth just about any asking price under $150 imo, but as far as the VII remake is concerned episodic doesn't correlate to bad in any way.

Muzikguy1755d ago

This is really real?! Oh wow! I can't wait to get this!!

sazzad_101861755d ago

Me too. Better me fairly priced

Muzikguy1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I told my cousin yesterday I'd get it even if it were $200. That's high and I'm sure I wouldn't, but just the idea I'm willing so spend some money on it. I was also thinking that after this they kind of f*ck themselves over because they can't exactly release single games from the past again. People won't buy them that way anymore when they can get all of them and be done. I'm sure some will, but I think they market will pretty much die out

Gardenia1755d ago

"This compilation will include Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX and it will be released on PS4 and PS Vita in a single disc/card."

Oh man I have to get this. Hope this will be available in Europe as well

Fishy Fingers1755d ago

Can't see why it wouldn't be but worst case, just import a US copy.

sazzad_101861755d ago

Why cant they include 10 and 12 too

1755d ago
_-EDMIX-_1755d ago

It might be because they're too big and they wanted to have it on one disc and one card it might also because both Final Fantasy 10 and 12 are already remastered for PlayStation 4 currently.

CrimsonPheonix1754d ago

Just make a folder and put all your final fantasy's in it

angelosam1755d ago

Cant you just get it from US PS store?

Lynx02071755d ago

No, I can't. I want it on a single disc.