PS4 Exclusive Thriller Without Memory Returns from Limbo With New Trailer and Screenshots

Remember Without Memory by the Russian studio Dinosaurum Games? The development team went silent for almost exactly a year, but now they’re back with a new trailer and new screenshots. Apparently, they are currently looking for a publisher, without which the project probably won’t be completed. Incidentally, the studio has also been renamed “Dino Games.”

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S2Killinit1693d ago

Its interesting. And Im a sucker for future utopean society stories.

Abriael1693d ago

Best thing is the tie-shaped collar in the uniforms lol.

S2Killinit1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Haha yeah. The details matter.

On a side note: was watching Equilibrium this weekend.

G20WLY1692d ago

I like the concept too. Seems it plays out a bit like Heavy Rain, which is no bad thing!

I hope they take a look at the lip syncing though, that'll drive me mad if it stays like this. Guessing it's synced to a foreign language as of now.

uth111692d ago

What a difference from the first trailer! Glass this game isn't dead after all

Chris0921692d ago

I hope they find a publisher!