Revisiting: 'Resident Evil' (1996)

Considering how far Capcom's series has come, ScreenCritics takes a look back at the series origins, in 1996's Resident Evil.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1745d ago

Still love playing the original annually. Even though I know that this may apply to me only and the huge break between playthroughs also plays a part in it but each time feels like the very first and the atmosphere of the game still holds strong to this day. I still consider ReMake the creme de la creme of the whole series.

naruga1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

the 1st , the best and still unsurpassed ...not only comparing it with other sequels/survival horror games but as a game generally is one of the best ever made standing side by side with other classic titles like Mario , Sonic 2, FF VII , etcetc

Timesplitter141745d ago

I often forget how bizarre and out-of-place the box art was for this. It would've worked for a Contra game, but not for RE

quent1745d ago

Yeah the cover really would fit better on a NES cart, can also se the Evil dead inspiration from it

bit-crusherrrr1745d ago

I'm currently replaying the directors cut on my vita during my lunch breaks at work, still love playing it. After playing the DS version and the REmakke so much i sometimes do forget that you cant do the quick 180 turn or manual reload. I do wish they released the REmake on the vita.

quent1745d ago

Coincidentally I'm currently watching a retrospective on the first 3 games(gggmanlives)

TXIDarkAvenger1745d ago

It's amazing how well it still holds up today.