New Ghostbusters Game?

Over the weekend two videos appeared showing what could be a new Ghostbusters game. The game looks pretty impressive, with the gameplay looking similar to GoW in many ways.

Unfortunately, it seems like it's impossible to find more info about this supposed Ghostbusters game. The videos' titles mention ZootFly, which actually is a game developing company, the one behind First Battalion, a FPS combining features from FPS, RTS and RPG and some other barely known titles (

If the videos are clever marketing for a new Ghostbusters title or just fan made is yet to be confirmed. You can check out the videos for yourself below.


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candystop5431d ago

This game is looking good and yes kind of like Gears of War but with more impressive physics! I hope it's playable at this years e3 or whatever they call it now!

Mikey_Gee5431d ago

There is a ghostbusters fan forum ???

Hahahaha. I guess EVERYTHING has a fan club/site

PS3 Ultimate5430d ago

Ghost Busters? lol! THats so OLD! X Box 360 is the perfect console for Ghost Busters because it looks JUST like the weapon they use to capture the monsters ROFL. Just look at the whole power cord of the 360.

T-Virus5431d ago

That's just GOW with a new skin, and I can confirm that nothing will happen of this, Epic is on the case right now.

benny o klaatt5431d ago

could it be a mod of GOW? whats epic stance on a goog mod? cos valve let it right?

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The story is too old to be commented.