Sony Has a Hit as Big as Pokemon Go in Japan

Quote: Nintendo Co. might have scored a hit with the explosive debut of Pokemon Go this year. On its home turf, however, Sony Corp. has quietly dispatched its rival with a popular mobile game called Fate/Grand Order.

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rlow12489d ago

Congrats to Sony, of course this is just in Japan and not the rest of the world. Still, very interesting premise for a game.

Gazondaily2489d ago

Considering the insane popularity of pokemon go in Japan, this is a massive feat.

Eonjay2488d ago

So... is it on the VIta and if not then why?

Eiyuuou2488d ago

Actually, it's only available on the japanese store. So us non-japanese that downloaded also count towards that number.

Kashima2489d ago

PS4 port with ww release will make it even bigger

mezati992489d ago

wow i had no idea the FATE series is THIS big

Eiyuuou2488d ago

^ Totally not a fan

It seems it is in Japan.

Fishy Fingers2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Through more money spent on micro transactions.

"Like many Japanese mobile games, Fate/Grand Order makes money through the "gacha" gameplay technique, which encourages players to buy virtual items without knowing what they are until after the purchase."


S2Killinit2488d ago

Its like buying pokemon cards

jacksons982488d ago

A lot of people like the excitement of chance.

Rimeskeem2488d ago

That is how the lottery works.

Eiyuuou2488d ago

It's actually very managable without paying.

Testfire2488d ago

If I were a stockholder I'd be asking "why has this not released worldwide?"

Kaneki-Ken2488d ago

PlayStation are working on it. They made PlayStation Mobile studio to work on Phones games. It may take awhile in order to release it worldwide.

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Sony: "Portion" of PlayStation First-Party Games Changes in Launch Date Impacted Profitability

According to Sony, changes to the launch dates of a "portion of first-party titles" impacted the company's profitability.

P_Bomb51d ago

“No word on which games were delayed, though”

Et tu, Factions? 🤔

KyRo51d ago

We barely know anything coming from Sony. It's all very quiet. Whatever they are doing they are playing it very differently to how they usually do it. For the people who aren't massively into superheros, it's a bit dry at the moment on the exclusive front.

isarai51d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing, we only know of Spider-Man and Wolverine. We don't have any official announcement of anything else. It's been quiet for an unusual amount of time for PlayStation.

CS750d ago

But we have the Gran Turismo movie and a live service game from Horizon /s

shinoff218350d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Exactly why I got an xbox , starfield is way more intriguing then Spiderman 2. I'm not really into the superhero stuff. To this day I say my favorite ones were the ultimate alliance games. Spiderman 1 was pretty cool but I doesn't excite me like a starfield or rpg. I'm more excited for store ocean 2 remake then Spiderman 2. My ps5 will have some really deserved cool off time once starfield releases.

jivah50d ago

Crazy thing is that they've been eerily quiet on the Sony front. Like to the point where the let loose a few announcements just to tide us over. But we still have no idea the mountain of stuff that's on the way and being worked on. And to think its been this way since a large majority of gamers complained a few years ago, that Sony showed too much in advanced. And since then, they've held on super tight. Its never been this way.

Hedstrom50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Am i the only one who is excited for Helldivers 2? I think it looks super fun.


FinalFantasyFanatic50d ago

I'm low key interested for the Starship Troopers vibe, unfortunately I couldn't get any friends to play the first game with me.

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seanpitt2350d ago

Ps5 lack of 1st party games is really showing 3 years into this gen and it's been pretty bad! All we have to look forward to is GOAS

PunksOnN4G50d ago

Lol funny xbox has had a last of 1st party for over 5-6 years now yal lcoming out saying its a problem for PS but did not once during those 6 years LOL xbox kids down bad but i get bros been last place for over a decade LOL

Amplitude50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Sony's got some ballers in it's arsenal of games. I'd argue way better quality and quantity than Microsoft's got but neither are particularly amazing.

Im a bit underwhelmed by this entire gen on both fronts tbh. Lack of any sort of quality DLSS competitor on AMD's side of things really affected both of these consoles to an extreme and really kinda forced me to switch to PC this gen, which is where i've mostly just been playing older games anyway. I sold my Series X and just use the PS5 for the exclusives and multiplayer stuff with my friends. I kinda wish the entire concept of consoles would go away with how this gen is going. Subscription service wars, microtransactions, paid online which is still insane to me, flat out stupid game pricing with very little in the way of actual upgraded game concepts beyond graphics settings bump ups, practically completely unsupported borderline scam accessories like the PSVR2 and dumb nonsense like the PSVR1 requiring a separate camera than the PS5 Camera. Hell we only just recently even got basic amenities like 1440p and Dolby Atmos over on PS5, and Atmos is almost unusable on the Series consoles.

The software experience and the hardware's all hella disappointing tbh and Insomniac Games is really the only company i can think of pushing the hardware to an extreme at the moment, with their SSD craziness in Ratchet and Spiderman 2, 60FPS RT and 40FPS modes, 3D audio, crazy impressive animation and post processing effects and clear benefits to the actual games. Mad props to them man

fr0sty50d ago

Series S/X didn't have a single first party exclusive game for the first 2 years of their lives... yet certain folks were curiously quiet about that...