Now's a Good Time for that Jak & Daxter Reboot, Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog's Jak & Daxter has been MIA for some time. But with a new Uncharted and Last of Us, now may be good for the PS2 duo to have a return as well.

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UCForce1651d ago

I don't know really. Even I would love to, but ND has changed their art style and narrative over the years. And even ND said that they can't because they afraid that they would disappoint the fan.

GigawattConduit1651d ago

I really doubt that anything they think of will be as disappointing as putting J&D in PS Move Heroes or Lost Frontier.

JackTheLiz1649d ago

They disappointed the fans when they released Jak II.

PhoenixUp1651d ago

No it doesn't need a reboot. Naughty Dog tried to make another title but couldn't work out a method to do the franchise justice.

What franchise should get a new title is Sly Cooper, especially with the new movie allegedly still being in development

DarkOcelet1651d ago

Doesn't need a reboot. Just a Jak 4 for the Ps4

Lonnie181649d ago

I think ND has enough on their plate right now, maybe next gen guys :)

Mr_Creative_251649d ago

Just give it to Insomniac so they can remake it like what they did with Ratchet & Clank.

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