The Last Guardian Review: A Frustrating Misfire - Two Left Sticks

It's been nine years, and The Last Guardian is finally here. But, unfortunately, it doesn't look like the game made it through all that time unscathed.

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Player3Podcast2732d ago

It's so frustrating to wait so long and still hear about these technical issues. Even knowing they can be patched out, after 9 years, it shouldn't be an issue.

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stuna12732d ago

Maybe if you played it with a left stick and a right stick instead of two left sticks it might not have been such a misfire!?

darthv722732d ago


funny how so many totally missed the humor in that comment.

stuna12732d ago

Thank you!!! People are too serious nowadays.

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Lazybones20202732d ago

I am very sad to see this title end up like this. I will probably still give it a shot since it's been such a long time waiting for it.

Rimeskeem2732d ago

Don't only read this article. There are plenty of people who gave his game major praise.

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travestyj2732d ago

It is getting mostly great reviews. It suffers from issues that the last two Team Ico games had but also shares what made them such classics

Silly Mammo2732d ago

With 30 reviews, it's averaging a solid 8.5. Not too bad for a niche game. Looking forward to playing it.

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Skaymore2732d ago

Since e3 2015 I have been predicting that this game would dissapoint many; I thought t was being overhyped too much and we hadn't really seen gameplay. I had envisioned a situation similar to No Mans Sky at worst. Upon reading this review, it seems to be even worse than I thought it would be. Very unfortunate :(
I hope this teaches people not to overhype games when they haven't really seen gameplay.
The tech issues especially surprise and confuse me

McErono2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

there are reviews saying this is a masterpiece (eurogamer), a monumental achievement (time)... but you are counting on a review of a unknown leftstick side? so be it, miss it...

TKCMuzzer2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

They confuse you because like many on N4G, we have no idea how to create a game so in no way can even contemplate how to avoid such issues.

Plus the game has been getting great praise, why would you latch on to one article and base everything off it?

KevWriter2732d ago

I think there's a little trolling involved.

Bennibop2732d ago

You are not full of it what so ever.

Latch on to an unknown site giving the game a poor review to fulfill your agenda. Totally ignore the reviews saying that it's a masterpiece or even the ones giving it 7-8s saying it's fantastic but flawed.

I feel very sorry for you if this is how you feel you need to spend your time.

Masterchief_thegoat2732d ago

If it had a better control, this game would have 9.5 or higher.. still tlg is a hit...

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Avowed Moved to Unreal Engine 5.3

With Support from The Coalition

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ThinkThink1d 7h ago

That's great news. Hopefully the Coalition can smooth some of those edges from the last Avowed reveal.

phoenixwing1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

Well I'm annoyed. Especially at all the ppl who said the graphics sucked. It's your fault they probably shifted the game to unreal so it could look more fancy for you. I was ok with it and hoping to actually play it sometime soon. Now it's like 99% chance it's delayed.
Edit: effing graphics whores

Obscure_Observer20h ago

"Well I'm annoyed. Especially at all the ppl who said the graphics sucked. It's your fault they probably shifted the game to unreal so it could look more fancy for you."

What the hell are you talking about dude? Avowed was already in development using the UE5. The Coalition is just helping Obsidian in the transition to its latest version (5.3)

MrBaskerville18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

Probably not even that big of a difference. Coalition might only have helped because they got a deadline to meet.

Unreal isn't nearly as bad as Unity when you update a project. Though it obviously depends on the project. But unity generally gets an aneyurism if you threaten to update, where Ue is usually less stingy.

Reaper22_18h ago

In excited for Avowed and Gears 6.

Fishy Fingers20h ago

It already was Unreal 5, its just moving to the latest build.

CantThinkOfAUsername11h ago

Latest build is 5.4 and it's better than previous iterations, particularly in animation and performance.

Lightning771d 4h ago

Apparently the latest build looks way better graphically. This rumor from Jez Cordin (who's credible) pretty much confirms it.

Interested in seeing more on Avowed in a few weeks.