Attention GameStop: Hiring Fanboys Is Costing You Money

It's true. Nobody knows of a GameStop that isn't FULL of fanboys, and this problem has finally spiraled out of control. The corporate bigwigs might want to take notice; these ignorant employees are costing you MONEY.

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facepalm3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

::nods head:: Having bunch of nagging teenagers basically scorning you for getting PS3 related stuff gets really annoying, really fast... In fact it was so bad at the GameStop that I went to that it basically drove me and some of my friends to take a vow never to step inside a GameStop store ever again. (Unless we're absolutely desperate...)

It also doesn't help that the majority of GameStop employees I encountered don't know jacksh*t about upcoming or even current games.

(^-^ There was one employee that I encountered that asked me why I'm not getting the X360 version of "Uncharted"...yeah.. .)

Not to say that all GameStop employees are like this, but many of the ones that I encountered are...

Oh the Good Ole' Days of the EBGames past...where art thou...

chaosatom3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I am not surprised that their stores are like that too.

when ps3 will slap them with loads of game, they will eventually realize what bull they have been selling.

VF34EJ253712d ago

hahahahhahahaahha Uncharted. That's hilarious because the same thing happened to me!

I asked "Can I get Uncharted please?"

"Which version do you want?"

"....... PS3???"

Then his co-worker says "It's on PS3 only dude"

"Ohhh huh ha..."

adalwolfe3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I don't know what you guys expect. 360 has the best games right now.. and it has had the best for the last 3 years. So it is obvious that the hardcore gamers (ie the people in the gaming industry.. you know the same people that need a new game fix every few months or get terribly bored) are all 360 owners.. those people are not sitting waiting years for the ps3 to play catch up. It does not mean they are fan boys.. just means they have chosen the system with the majority of best games right now. That may change eventually.. but you sony fans really need to understand that just because the gaming public generally prefers the 360 does not make everyone a fanboy. It just means they choose the console that is made to play the best games asap.. not to play the best games 3 years later... if it can ever manage to pull ahead..

@OnslaughtX - what is wrong with it? all i see are sony fans whining because gamestop employees are 360 fans. Maybe your too stupid to understand the meaning behind the post. Don't worry I am sure when you grow up you'll be able to catch these things. Maybe re-read the comment I replied to and then you'll understand the context in which it was stated. It was -not- a response to the article.. no worries, i am sure there are a lot of 12 year olds that don't understand that a reply to the comment creates an indent, and a reply to the article does not.

DiabloRising3712d ago

Adal, you miss the point so hard, its not even worth correcting you. Go play with some kids your own age.

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LastDance3712d ago

"So it is obvious that the hardcore gamers (ie the people in the gaming industry.. you know the same people that need a new game fix every few months or get terribly bored) are all 360 owners"

I didnt know the entire hardcore audience was only 20 million.... The industry must be going downhill and I was the one who bought 130 million ps2's.

your full of win.

VF34EJ253712d ago

It's not that there's whining about them being just 360 fans. It's that the gamestop 360 fans are shoving 360 crap down peoples throats. If they prefer the 360, then fine. But they need to stop downplaying the PS3 just because they have a 360. There's obviously pros and cons to both consoles. Not everybody is alike. Not everybody likes faulty hardware. Not everybody likes Halo 3. And it goes both ways. Not everybody likes playstation consoles. Not everybody likes Metal Gear.

But this whole fanboy arguement thing is just as bad as Racism. You get bashed for liking one thing over the other. Just because you have a PS3, you'll automatically get looked down upon just because you believe the 360 is the almighty god of consoles? No. Martin Luther King had a dream that people could co-exist regardless of race.

But now it's just transformed to friggin video game consoles. And people like adalwolfe doesn't get that.

And the 360 has some awesome games. But to say it's the ONLY console with the best games is downright f'ckin stupid. It doesn't have Metal Gear, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, SOCOM, etc. etc. etc.

So racist/facist/prejudice people like Adalwolfe need to get chin checked into reality. The world doesn't revolve around 1 race, and it sure doesn't revolve around one friggin brand of console.

Bloodwar3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Last I checked, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are receieving nearly equal love right now, hense why the PS3 is catching up with the Xbox 360 in sales. This article is very slanted and epically fails to talk about the PS2-Xbox war where the fanboyism was so bad that the employees would fail to see Xbox Live as anything or the mere 400 game library game library Xbox had at one time compared to the 2500 game library PS2 had and they would talk about how superior the PS2 was to an Xbox..but anyone who owned an Xbox was smart enough to just let them blow their steam, walk by their ignorance and pick up the games they wanted and walk out of the store.

But who am I? I'm on the wrong website to say it like it is, but yeah... I don't buy it. All PS3 fans know that PS3 is catching up so in a way, this article is an EPIC FAIL. We know that the PS3 is and has been ahead for months in the sales department. And maybe that explains why the PS3 continues to surpass the 360 in sales.. is that the fanboy ignorance of the Gamestop employees really didn't have an effect on the PS3 purchasers.... the purchasers.. like the original Xbox owners are smart enough to let the employees blow their steam... walk by them and pick up the games they came into get and make a B line for the exit. So in another way, this Article is spot on and very smartly written. =)

Homicide3712d ago

Gamestop sucks. They rip you off. The employees are dumbasses. The only good thing about it is pre-order bonuses.

Masta_fro3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

dude...its not about the consoles, its about the idiot staff.
You see, fanboys are like crack-heads, they can use the product but they cant really sell it can they?


Cryos3711d ago

My brother was very much looking forward to GH3 coming out, but he was leaving on vacation the day it came out. No big deal, right? just pick it up at midnight. Couldn't do it because the mall closes, and we couldn't pick up our preorder early, or at another, outside gamestop. (ok fine)
So I go to pick it up the next day, and what do they hand me? A 360 version of GH3, not a PS3 version. when I corrected them, they looked at my info and said, "no, you ordered the 360 version"

I must be a F#%#ing idiot, cause apparently, I preordered for a system I don't own. They then acted like they were doing me a favor, cause they had a few more PS3 versions come in then were preordered.

If that weren't enough, it then happened a month later, with the Rock Band Bundle! THEY PREORDERED THE 360 VERSION AGAIN!!!! this time, however, they had no extra bundles, and you could not find it ANYWHERE! Got my preorder money back, but no game. could not find it for a couple weeks.

What did I get when I called corporate and complained? Gift card? no. Guarantee my copy? no. "sorry, we'll look into it" -click-

Dark General3711d ago

My friend had a similar experience a few weeks ago. He said he went into gamestop to pre-order LBP and the dude asked him "Would you like to reserve it on the 360 or Ps3" and my friend said he was silent and then said "...Ps3".

UltimateIdiot9113711d ago

That reminds me of the time when I preorder MGS4. The guy was smart, cool guy, not like this other gamestop employee I know. Anyway, when I preorder the game, the guy notice it was listed under the 360, and both of us are like WTF? He corrected that in the system. So someone in the higher up is a 360 fanboy or don't know there stuff.

DeadIIIRed3711d ago

Did you not read adalwolfe's comment? I get suspended for saying Heavy Rain looks better than anything on the 360 (fact by the way) and this joker gets to write a whole damn paragraph reeking of flaming fanboyism and you just overlook him and delete the five or so comments below him? Shame on you Mods...shame on you...

princejb1343711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

adal do you work for gamestop
you speak fanboism

sumfood4u3711d ago

Well 2 each its own a lot of employees really don't know $hit, but know how to wing it better than Chicken trying to fly. But the Chicken$hit they try to ask an sell you is more sour than 10week old milk. I Ain't Country but I Recogin Gammers Beware of Dumb Employees more than 87% never even heard of N4G ya don't believe me ask them.

Masta_fro3711d ago

your logic is spot on, its your reasoning that needs work


jadenkorri3711d ago

I've stopped buying at gamestop/eb, why, cause i get ridiculed for having a ps3, a Wii, a psp, and a PC....oh noes i left something out, yet the beloved 360...well anyways... not trying to dis the 360,but on fable 2 release i will own a 360, im not patient enough to wait for the pc version....anyways, i was at gamestop and overheard an employee describing ps3 to a customer, he was saying how bad it was, no wireless, how bad psn network was, the dude(customer) already had a 360, and this customer asked about the ps3. Right there is a god damn f**king sale... that's like a person walking into a car dealership and asking about a car, then the salesman says how bad it is, bad gas milage, breaks down alot oh, u have a ford, that's all you need, you don't need a new sure that does at Gamestop, every gamestop i have been in has 360 owners, and there was only 1 guy i know that owned a ps3, he was a friend that started, and he quit soon afterwards lol... anyways, i spoke up to the customer and corrected what the employee was saying, the customer started asking me questions, i think he though i may have worked there, either way i didn't mind, i answered all of his questions which wasn't a bad thing, but the level of ignorance at Gamestop was unbelievable...IN the end the customer didn't buy the ps3, but he may decide to get one later.... personally we will never know anyways...

Gamestop/EB, start informing your employees about the PS3, I'm not saying the ps3 is gonna swoop down from the sky and obliterate the 360, but a sales are profit, isn't that what you want, cause your employees just want to sell 360...

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Harri44443712d ago

gamestop is so mest up i hate the store

I LOVE my xbox3711d ago

I never go there unless its for special preorder gifts like the DVD/beta code that came with the MGS4 preorder, or the Socom beta codes.
Most of them are damn 360 fanboys.

TOO PAWNED3712d ago

I am not surprised. Even on American sites (1UP in particular) only people that prefer 360 seems to get hired. IS it coincidence, gamers in USA dont like PS3 or planned work?
Like for example GameTrailers always pick 360 cover under videos of multi platform games, coincidence or does MS pay them to do that? They should at least let us know if MS pays them but than we would all know what that means.
Funny how Americans always talk about democracy, freedom, honest work and yet they seem to be one of the most corrupt nations in developed world.
P.S-srry american friends

Imallvol73712d ago

That was a really uninformed and ignorant comment. I suggest you do research or provide research if you are going to take absurd jabs at the United States. I know its the "cool" thing to do right now, but seriously, it gets old.

LeonSKennedy4Life3712d ago


...and British Parliament is smelling like a peach over there.

Give me a break, dude. All governments are corrupt in some way or another. Would you LIKE to live in a communist country where EVERYBODY is poor?

You know not of what you speak, ignorant human!

psycho3603712d ago


First of all I'm not American and not defending them.

Regarding your comment that most american gaming sites/stores have pro 360 people working there. Ok i ask you can one of the reasons be that 360 is quite popular over there in USA? Also the 360 has more and better games library? Also the reviewers mostly are gamers and they got their first taste of current gen with 360 and like most real gamers dont hate the console just cuz their loyalty doesnt lie with sony.

I definately recommend anyone remotely interested in buying a console to go for 360 because its the best gaming console of this generation, considering it has last gen dvd and a year older tech than ps3 but giving ps3 run for its money when it come to multiplat and online games. In almost 2 years of ps3 you guys got maybe 2-3 worthwhile exclusive games. Does it even justify you paying $600 for launch model and waiting ages to get any game. What about showing fake cgi trailers of afrika, getaway, 8 days etc and than cancelling 2 and third one looked like ps2 title?

I can go on and on on lies by sony but most sane people know what kind of BS they stormed up during its launch. MS on other hand also lied about RROD issues but than bit the bullet and offered 3 years warranty on RROD which i doubt sony would hv done ever.

You just hate 360 cuz u wasted more time of your life waiting for sony's false promises and seeing a cheaper console doing things better.

Poirot93712d ago

Sigh... While some of your arguments were actually coherent and raised a glimmer of hope in my heart, you concluded by missing the point of the article entirely.

The article is not, I repeat NOT complaining that the Gamestop stores in the US (I'm Canadian and have EBgames) are populated by 360 "fanboys" (*shudder* I hate using that word). In fact, some of your arguments as to why there are more 360 fans in the US are quite logical ("they got their first taste of current gen with 360" and have been hooked ever since).

No, the author of the article is complaining that these Gamestop employees have taken their "fanboyism" (ugh) to a point where they'll actually LIE about the quality and facts of PS3 games. And we're not talking about stuff that can be chalked up to personal opinion, we're talking about LIES here (GTAIV on PS3 being magically worse than on 360).

I've seen vaguely similar things at certain game stores myself. You see, I get the feeling that these employees develop a superiority complex because the vast majority of people who go into these stores know even LESS about games than they do. As a result, they start to believe they know everything about every game and, what they DON'T know, they feel that they can simply lie about. Some of us PS3 enthusiasts are just a bit upset because there appears to be a concentrated effort on the part of these employees to LIE in a way that deliberately supports the 360 and hurts the PS3.

Now this is where someone inevitably comes in and says: "Why do you guys even care!? There just numbers for a game company that you don't even work for!" Well, that's true enough, but, you see, as a PS3 owner, I'd like as many other people as possible to be joining me in this Sony created cloud of happiness. More PS3 owners means a wider array of people online and stronger 3rd party dev support! So yeah, that's why these lies are a little appalling.

Plus, I mean they're freakin' LYING! It's like going into a bookstore and having an employee tell you that the paperback version of a novel will burst into flames if you read it, but the hardcover one is fine. It's just ethically WRONG...

My 2 cents.

lordgodalming3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Before you chew out the original poster for not doing his research, maybe we should all do some research of our own. For example, is owned by Viacom, which is in a partnership with Microsoft to produce ad campaigns against Google and for the 360, among other things. And as long as we're researching--this is fun! is owned by MTV, which is also under the Viacom umbrella. Next up, Gamestop is owned by CNET, which also has established various financial relationships with Microsoft over the last decade. Whether or not the gaming sites or reviewers themselves are noticeably biased is up to you. But the facts above are...well, facts.

Now that we have that settled, one reason Americans get lumped as 360 fanboys is because of a few morons who use forums to shout "360 IS TEH PATRIOTIC CONSOLE 4 AMERICANS!!! PS3 SUX GOT NO GUD GAMEZ!! STFU!!" These are the same people that sometimes ruin XBL with racial slurs or constant pointless swearing. But, in the interest of optimism, I'm guessing people like this are in the minority of gamers. The problem is that it doesn't take many of them to make us all look bad.

And the fact that several apparent Americans jumped on the original poster and began randomly criticizing Great Britain and playing the Communist card doesn't help our image any either.

Anyway wasn't this article about crappy service at Gamestop? Because I've solved that problem--for myself anyway. I quit shopping there.

lordgodalming3711d ago

For all of you who pay attention, my first paragraph should read that Gamespot, and not Gamestop, is owned by CNET. Apologies for the mistake.

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Imallvol73712d ago


Every time I want to buy something, or ask something, I get some kind of comment that makes me want to kill someone. Oh, you really want that on PS3? YES I WANT THAT ON PS3. Or they all whisper to each other while your shopping. Or they are having these ridiculous conversations with emo kids who like to sit in the store all day and talk to the clerks and also make comments on what you buy.

The store is a piece of junk and I will never set foot in any of them again, unless its for a pre-ordered gaming system.

thereapersson3712d ago

It would almost make getting arrested for assault a worthy cause if you could just land a punch square in the face of those douchebags.

RealityCheck3712d ago

I'm a multiple console owner and play 360 and PS3 equally. I stopped shopping at Gamestop because I don't like to be told what to buy or be judged by it. Online only for me now.

princejb1343711d ago

dam i feel sorry for you than, your shopping on the wrong gamestop
im a SGA(seniour game advisor) in gamestop, honestly we can care less what you buy
we dont have to whisper on each others ears about the customers, gamestop is just a business and like any other reason we just want your money regardless of what you buy
me and my employees dont comment on customers purchases, unless they ask us our personal opinions

thereapersson3712d ago

Thankfully at the one that's closest to where I work, there are people there who are equally fans of all the consoles. This is very rare, however, as most GS stores you walk into will have you accosted if you even mention liking the PS3.

Sanzee3712d ago

You're 5 million consoles behind the 360 and you act like PS3 Fans are demoralized at local Game Stop stores. It's about making money for these Gaming outlets. PS3 sales have been surging lately, yet your acting like Sony fans are the minority. This is a B*tch-Fest if I've ever seen one.

If this was about the 360, then 360 fans would be b*tching just as much. The whole point behind this is:

No one acts like a Gamer in this console war. It's a bunch of whining and crying, full of clowns trying to slap each other to death. Fighting words will get you nowhere man.