Atlus talks Persona 5 and the declining Japanese console market

Atlus boss Naoto Hiraoka speaks about the publisher's performance in 2016 and the current state of the console market in Japan.

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FallenAngel1984708d ago

It's a shame that even with all these quality games releasing, consoles overall in Japan seem to be performing at their absolute lowest commercially in the past 26 years.

Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV helped somewhat over there, but those juggernauts alone can't fix the issue.

_-EDMIX-_708d ago

Its just a small market. Maybe the Switch can help with JRPGs being played on a tv screen seeing how its a portable.

Those who love portables can still game on the go, those who want to play on the TV screen can do that too.

As for dedicated consoles that only play on TV, PS seems to be the only option at the moment for JRPGs in regards to dedicated console. I'm not sure how the market will respond, maybe those days are over for Japan and dedicated console, who knows. I think they will be fine though. FFVII remake, KH and many more still coming.

TheGamez100708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

Which is why other consoles should do something like the nintendo switch to make it easier, faster, and more conveniant to just pick up and play and also play on the go with how so much ppl are always moving around these days...I guess nintendo will be the first to try this and we'll see how that goes in japan. Kinda sad cause this may make more japanese devs prefer mobile and handhelds AND have them focus more in the west meaning having games more west influenced (graphics/action over everything else(not saying all western games are like that)) which kinda sucks for me cause i love those underrated jp games that have awesome gameplay/story/characters etc.

TimelessDbz708d ago

The moment I get stuck with options like nintendo switch. I'll quit gaming.

_-EDMIX-_708d ago


Nintendo had to go portable only because of their situation with not selling dedicated console's as much same with portable console.

Sony and MS.....not so much. The are consistent in the console market.

You are asking Sony and MS to make weaker platforms to be handheld that out to the tv.


They don't need to do that, they actually sell well with dedicated console every gen, so much.

This works for Nintendo because their base is portable, I don't think many will love to hear Sony or MS making weaker devices to be portables simply to out to the tv as an option, they want powerful devices that are as powerful as they can be and dedicated to only playing on the latest displays.

When you make a portable, you have to pay for more expensive parts that must be smaller, non-moving etc

Which means by default it will always be less powerful then a device that isn't a portable.

Sorry but that works for Nintendo, I get it, I even supported that move by Nintendo, but that doesn't work with Sony, THEY move near 100 mill almost every gen, even MS I don't see that working with as they are more solid right now, then Nintendo is in regards to dedicated consoles.

DivineAssault 708d ago

I wouldnt be as interested in gaming if the japanese titles fade away.. Stupid mobile gaming is flooding the industry with trash that racks in tremendous funds..