Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Reminds Us How Hard Games Used To Be [PSX 2016 Hands-On

GameRevolution: "The team at Vicarious Visions would like you to believe that “Crash is back,” and they’re right -- in a circuitous, roundabout manner. The Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy contains the first three Crash Bandicoot games, so yes, Crash is back. There’s also brand new Crash Bandicoot content -- he’s also in the latest (and probably last) Skylanders game. But this is not a brand-new Crash Bandicoot designed for modern sensibilities. There’s no denying the work put into making these games look amazing once again, but Crash Bandicoot isn’t the most exciting platformer you could be playing right now."

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DashArrivals2494d ago

Well, my controller is thankful after hearing that the check-points and saves are a lot more forgiving this time around. Or so I've heard. I honestly can't wait to play this trilogy and WITH TROPHY SUPPORT, should be great fun.

DarkOcelet2494d ago

Crash 1 was the hardest of the bunch. I can't wait to see Crash 3 in action. It will be marvelous.

UCForce2494d ago

Oh yeah, I will play Crash Bandicoot again in remastered.


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New "Exclusive" Spider-Man 2 Suits to be Revealed at Comic Con Next Month

Exclusive new Spider-Man 2 suits will be revealed as part of Marvel LIVE! at New York Comic Con next month.

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Abnor_Mal1d 20h ago

I will be there, will be my third time going to nycc.

Already reserved the deluxe edition of the game, just waiting for it to be downloadable then unlocked.

Huey_My_D_Long1d 20h ago

I like this game...but....ngl seeing alot news about costumes for promotional work is not exciting.

neomahi1d 11h ago

....... How is it exclusive when the game is only on PS5? That's a rather liberal use of the word and really takes away from what it represents. Exclusive is just a word now, it used to actually mean something. Once timed-exclusive came about, it lost its pop

BlaqMagiq11d 8h ago

I think they mean as in never before seen anywhere Spider-Man related and will debut in the game.

CobraKai1d 4h ago

Could be this. It’s the only explanation. Or the reveal itself is a Con exclusive?

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CrimsonWing691d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

Was there a comic-con suit in the last game? I could be wrong, but it was a cel-shaded (at least I think that’s the one) and it was one of my favorite suits to use.

I welcome all these suits! Hope there’s even more! I enjoyed switching out suits throughout the last game.

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