The Last of Us: Part II Is About "Hate;" Players Will Play as Ellie

During a panel at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Last of Us: Part II Creative Director Neil Druckmann shared a relevant detail.

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moegooner88684d ago

I imagine Joel would be very old for platforming .. Etc

-Foxtrot684d ago

Well he was a little old in the first game but he seemed alright. I guess he just got used to surviving for so long it's never brought him down.

vallencer684d ago

This is exactly what I'm thinking. Just the way the trailer was I think he's just in her head.

81BX684d ago

Damn... that would suck... i hope not. Cant wait!

Thatguy-310684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

Have a feeling Joel will die and the story will revolve around her getting her revenge. If Joel plays a big role in the game it'll most likely be for narrative purposes like having him act as her conscious as flashbacks or hallucinations.

The 10th Rider684d ago

I don't think he will die, I think the story will revolve around him seeing how the choice he made at the end of the first game leads to Ellie's downfall/corruption. Imagine if by the end of the game Ellie is essentially the villain and Joel ends up being the one to kill her.

OB1Biker684d ago

My only problem with this theory is Troy Baker. I m not feeling him play only a small part. Or there might be lots of flash backs.

kraenk12683d ago

Yeah, or parts of the game playing in earlier times when he was still alive, showing the family life they both had. I'm pretty sure he'll die by the hand of the fireflies.

PizzaSteve684d ago

Sully older than Joel and he did it. Different games but still.

thegamefox93684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

Joel isn't that much older in this game (if he is alive)
Ellie was almost 15 by the end of LOU, she is 19 in LOU2
Joel was 50 by the end of LOU, he is probably 54-55 years old in LOU2

Also this game isn't about platforming, I don't want anything "uncharted" to be in this...

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-Foxtrot684d ago

Surely we must play a bit of Joel though like how Ellie was playable a little in the first game. I kind of assumed the sequel would be half and half with Part III being all about Ellie

peewee11016684d ago

Neil already said this game is all about ellie

bluefox755684d ago

That's kinda disappointing. I can't imagine a game where Joel isn't a major part of the game.

DragonKnight684d ago

Yeah I'm not feeling the "this is all about Ellie" theme here. I like Joel better than Ellie myself. Not saying she's a bad character, it's just I prefer Joel.

Septic683d ago

I'm sure you'll play as Joel. They'll throw a few surprises just like they did in the first game.

TomKnowles683d ago

I don't see why we can't play as both. It worked great in the first game.

peewee11016684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

I have a feel Joel died. Ellie is pissed and trying to come to her sense but she is blinded by hate. Now she is on a mission to kill every firefly out there, You have to remember Joel killed alot of people and SMART Doc in a world that has very few. So its only natural that they would come after him.

J-DARKnes684d ago

That's exactly how I feel, I registered judt to up vote you.

-Foxtrot684d ago

Well considering Joel is in the trailer....nope

BiggerBoss684d ago

The theory is that she's imagining him. Don't know how much I believe that though

peewee11016684d ago

Well yes but for ONE Joel was already old in the 1st in the trailer it looks like he did not age one bit.

medman684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

Considering his footsteps left no traces, even when near the water, though subtle, that may be a hint that Joel as we see him is a figment of Ellie's mind. All hail Naughty Dog.

-Foxtrot684d ago

It's too soon to kill one of them off. They've decided to continue it so why kill one of them straight away. You'd save it for the ending so it's something you can develop in the third game.

I just think she's gotten used to Tommy's town and it's then attacked by Fireflies looking for her, she's then filled with rage for seeing her friends die.

kraenk12683d ago

Im pretty sure the fireflies found them and killed Joel, that's why she's up for revenge.

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OB1Biker684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

The fireflies are crazy fanatics though and not sure their 'docs' were that smart.
What I mean theres no 'right' and 'wrong' as we see it in their world, and that was the moral in the first game.

@pee What cure? You mean the one they said they hope to be able to make in killing her?

peewee11016684d ago (Edited 683d ago )

Well obvi they were smart enough to make a cure in the first place lol.
Not once in the game did they SAY WE HOPE IT WILL WORK. No where did it say anything about it. They said many times it WILL WORK. You guys be talking out of ur asses

DragonKnight684d ago

"Well obvi they were smart enough to make a cure in the first place lol."

But they didn't. They wanted to kill Ellie in the hopes of reverse engineering a vaccine based on her immunity. They did it all based on hope, not on anything concrete. Joel told a half truth at the end of TLOU. If you listen to what's her name (the leader of the Fireflies) she never says they know how to cure the infection, she says they think they can make a vaccine. Big difference.

jaekapow683d ago

For some reason, I didn't get this feeling from the trailer. But it does tie the trailer together, your theory. At first I just thought he was coming in the house to see how she was doing after they had to take out a bunch of fireflies. Some people think that coming from a bright light means he's dead. I just thought it was a nod to welooming him back.

Who knows!?

What I do know is this wait will be almost unbearable!

mt683d ago

I sure hope not... the last of us for me is Joel.

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Sm00thNinja684d ago

I have a feeling her hate is generated more from the lie Joel told at the end of the first game. Is he still lying to her? How many lies has he told to keep the truth hidden?

MatrixxGT684d ago

Eh at first I thought that as well but when Ellie states that she will kill "every last one of them" it doesn't add up why she would hate the fireflies if the hate was supposed to be about the lie Joel told her. Or maybe by "them" she means infected?

DragonKnight684d ago

He only half lied and it's very likely Ellie knew he half lied. The Fireflies had no cure. They didn't even have facts. All they knew was that Ellie was immune and in an attempt to reverse engineer a vaccine they'd kill her to see how she was immune. There were no guarantees and Ellie could have ended up dying for nothing. I think it's more likely that Ellie finds out that the Fireflies weren't on the up and up like she originally thought, something happens to Joel (personally I don't think he died, I think his face got seriously messed up which is why they don't show it) and she gets pissed.

People thinking Joel died need to ask themselves what purpose a dead man has for a gun.

Silkside684d ago

His a vision, she sees him the way she remembers him.... What purpose does a dead man have for clothing?

OB1Biker683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

I mostly agree with you about the first game.
You got a good point about not showing his face in the trailer and that puzzles me as to why.
Also when he appears at the door wheres she s playing, she doesnt even look at him and just stops and puts her guitar down. She starts her reply and only then looks at him.

DragonKnight683d ago

"His a vision, she sees him the way she remembers him."

You base that on nothing.

"What purpose does a dead man have for clothing?"

Exactly but in this instance it would have no bearing on the story to have Joel naked as a ghost but would have a bearing on the game rating and potential audience.