You Can Get 1,000,000 XP In A Single Mission In Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV's leveling system is an intricate combination of buffing and micro-management and when used right, can wield massive amounts of experience points. Using a select number of tricks it is possible for a mission in Chapter 8 to provide 1,000,000 experience points - which is enough to go from level 72 to 88 in one swoop.

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Nitrowolf22253d ago

Staying at the in that triples it grants an addition 500,000

CaptainCamper2253d ago

Where's that one? I've only found the double. Dammit, what a waste :D

il-JumperMT2253d ago

how can i get lasgne al forno?

CaptainCamper2253d ago

As it explains in the article, hit level 9 cooking :D

Master of Unlocking2253d ago

Pretty neat. I want that game, but I want the collector's edition with Yoshitaka Amano's illustration, and it seems to be getting the rare-and-cult treatment, perhaps because of this, as it's already fetching pretty high prices.

MrWonderful2253d ago

The delux edition is at Walmart

Nu2253d ago

"Sir this is Walgreens"

2253d ago
cash_longfellow2253d ago

Or, you could level regularly and actually enjoy doing it, lol!

DragonKnight2252d ago

Since when is grinding fun? Even the term grinding means unenjoyable, repetitive action.

Seraphim2252d ago

actually this is leveling regularly. Just taking advantage of food the game allows you to make/use and an Inn that gives most bonus XP.