Parappa The Rapper, Patapon, and LocoRoco Getting Remastered for PS4

ThisGenGaming says "Parappa The Rapper, Patapon, and LocoRoco are getting remasters on PS4."

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PhoenixUp683d ago

Happy to see Sony still treasures its quirky Japanese franchises

naruga683d ago (Edited 682d ago )

ohh man i played a lot of Patapon 2 was excelent rythm game ...i hope we get all three patapon in one disc

freshslicepizza682d ago

they are fun games and it does show the diversity sony has

xDealtwithIt683d ago

Remasters? This is where bc would have came in handy.

DigitalRaptor683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

I'm not against that option, but I prefer having this as an option too.

Enhanced visuals and trophy support... yes please.

xDealtwithIt683d ago

Not really into trophies, i also own the first two Parappa games. Would love to fire them up.

TGGJustin683d ago

Agreed. I'm more inclined to go back and play an old game if it has updated visuals and trophies in it. I'm excited for all of these that were announced today.

DashArrivals683d ago

I'd rather a remaster with updated visuals any day

zombiewombie683d ago

Parappa looks super clean. The demo on the show floor is the original demo too, when you're in the dojo with the onion.

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Stogz683d ago

Except those are PS1 and PS2 games, can you tell me how many original xbox games work for Xbox one BC? Bet ya cant...

Silly gameAr683d ago

Remasters and BC are two totally different things. Stop tying to make BC a selling point.

DragonDDark683d ago

Patapon & locoRoco aren't even ps3 games. They're on psp. It's better if it's a remaster.

MasterCornholio683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

They are PSX games which rendered at a resolution at around 240P. Thus if they were simply upscaled to 4K without any work done they don't look as good. So producing remasters that run at a native 4K resolution will make the games look much better than before.


I made a mistake. Patapong and Locoroco were originally PSP games. So BC would be impossible with the physical version. If I'm not mistaken BC would be impossible with Parrapa the Rapper since its on a CD which is a format the PS4 doesn't support.

Can BC be supported? In theory only with the digital versions of the games.

_-EDMIX-_683d ago

How could you have backwards compatibility on PlayStation 4 of a PSP game? You didn't really think this through did you?

TKCMuzzer683d ago

Their PS1 and PS2 games though. Surely a refresh is required. Plus, if you have the games, why have you not kept the console to play them on, seems a bit odd.

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trooper_683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

Definitely picking up.

_-EDMIX-_683d ago (Edited 683d ago )

Yea, yes and YES!

Sony is really giving those transfer teams lots of contracts this generation!

Semi-OT does anybody know what team is doing the transfer job?

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