NPD Numbers Are Incomplete

Many people don't know that the NPD doesn't count sales in Canada, Mexico and sales from a number of high-profile retailers. Factoring that, take a look at our estimated sales figures...

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TheMART5228d ago

Could be.

I mean, North America sales are said to be like this, 2 million sold 360 units.

1.1 million only US already seemed a bit low.

If true, this would mean the 360 sold between 1.4 and 1.5 million in USA.

Still, the PS3 sold about 400k in US during dec. They sold about 250k @ launch in nov.

So that would make between 500 and 540k sold. That's marginally still low selling.

ASTAROTH5228d ago

Thanks for being an A$$HOLE!!

Juevani5228d ago

Where you got these numbers?? from your asshole? fool

InMyOpinion5228d ago

What do you know? Gaming is illegal in your country. As is typing proper english it seems. I bet you write everything in german first, then use babelfish to translate it into english lol!

TheMART5228d ago

You can't rap and you can't spell.

That's nice. And you're German. Gives double the fun.

Well get your calculator and go do a bit of math with the numbers that are given and you'll get the figures I just gave.

Ah well you'll be able to play only Sonic in the end if it's up to the German law. Nice.

Raist5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

So they say the sales numbers from the NPD are incomplete. yeah, of course, could be.

NPD says 1.1M 360's and then you ADD about 30% ?
NPD says 650k PS3's and you SUBSTRACT 15% ?
And you tell people to grab a calculator ?

Where the hell did you get that 500k from ?
Isn't there something wrong there ?

In this article they say about 900k PS3's sold in 2K6 in NA.

InMyOpinion5228d ago

It's obvious in your illiterate spelling. "Did you knew"??? Really makes your newspost seem trustworthy.

JustCallMeDaddy5228d ago

"Did you knew"? You guys can't hide it. Oh. before i forget, is "Did you know" sony fanboys. Learn that.

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