Is Death Stranding Hideo Kojima's Akira Adaptation?

Kojima leaves several clues hinting at a connection between Death Stranding and Akira.

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CorndogBurglar1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I see literally no connection between this and Akira. The links mentioned are grasping at straws at best.

Because he wants the game to release before 2019 that means its Akira related? Because Akira takes place in 2019? Uh no. 2018 just happens to be when the game will likely release considering it usually takes Kojima a few years to complete games.

The cables coming out of people remind you of "Akira and his bike"? Which, mind you, Akira didn't have a bike. That was Kaneda. Akira is only shown once or twice, very briefly in the film as he basically transcended into a higher form of being.

Capsules vs. Clowns? Simply because there is a conflict between two groups of people?

Sorry, but this is a ridiculous theory.

Thrash_Ketchum1623d ago

"The emphasis on cables also feels visually similar to Kaneda and his motorcycle."

"However, the trailers’ resemblance to the anime is minimal at best, suggesting that the game is either in the same universe following different storylines in the United States, or is simply a different game that borrows from Akira’s setting and themes."

Did you even read the article before deciding to bitch and complain?

naruga1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

i mthe only one that sees over-the -top-whateverness in Kojima s new game?? ok ... you can see it from many artistic angles but even artistically is too vague ...i like Kojima more than any of the existing devs but i m afraid that he may try to hide behind vagueness and hype in his new game in order to develop it with the less possible efforts ....i liked the trailer but i was not excited to much only left to see the gameplay

1622d ago
Nu1622d ago

Kojima is into strange shit

CorndogBurglar1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I did. And when I read it the article didn't say Kaneda and his bike. It said Akira and his bike.

Did you even read the article before it was edited?

And your second quote? Again, what makes anyone think this takes place in the same universe? The points he made bear literally no resemblance to Akira. You can literally take any story that has two groups of people at odds with each other and say, "OH! THAT REMINDS ME OF THE CAPSULES VS CLOWNS IN AKIRA!"

Same with the cables comment. How in the world do cables coming out of people's stomachs and controlling things bear ANY RESEMBLANCE AT ALL to Kaneda and his bike? Kaneda didn't have cables coming out of him and he certainly didn't connect and control his bike with them. So again, what visual resemblance?

Have you seen Akira?

So again, based off of those, which I mentioned above (how would I know he used those 3 examples to prove his point if I didn't read the article?), why would anyone think this is in the Akira universe?

Also, not bitching and complaining. Just pointing out why this theory makes very little sense.

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PolishWingedHussar1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I think the points being made were that people were comparing the two based on Kojira's release date statement and grasping straws. The piece analyzed both trailers for any resemblance, found nothing, then blatantly states their that they don't believe there was any solid connection aside from Kojima's weird inspirations.

The title itself is formatted as a question, and you as the reader answer that question. You answer no, the survey says the answer is 100% no.

It boils down to the fact that no one knows what the heck this game is so they're having fun playing guessing games.

What I garner is, Kojima likes Akira. Kojima likes a lot of weird stuff, and he's made a weird game. I'm interested to see more trailers. *shrug*

PaleMoonDeath1623d ago

YongYea will find it, if that's the case :P

PolishWingedHussar1623d ago

True that, he was also suggesting that "Decima" is Hideo Kojima's new engine.

1622d ago
Nu1620d ago

I thought Decima was his daughter

Pantz1623d ago

he also said there are misdirection clues

1622d ago
sullynathan1623d ago

Akira will forever be better written than anything Kojima could ever conceive.

G20WLY1623d ago

How on Earth could you arrive at that conclusion without a time machine?

sullynathan1623d ago

We know Kojima's writing skill, it only goes worse from here.

G20WLY1622d ago

Let's ignore the fact that I disagree with you and instead consider this; how do you conclude that someone will get worse at something the more they practice it? How does that work? Or are you one of 'dem cool haters'?! lol

sullynathan1622d ago

We know Kojima is a bad writer, even people that have worked close to him say so. He isn't going to magically become better.

G20WLY1622d ago

Okay one more question: who is this 'we' you keep speaking of? Not everyone shares your opinion. You're quite right about magic though - I'm not convinced it actually exists - however 'learning' is definitely real and is as viable a prospect for Kojima as it is for everyone. You might have missed Del Toro's involvement. He, like Kojima, is a creative tour-de-force with a worldwide fanbase.

To write it off at this stage makes you no better that someone suggesting it is already the coming of Christ in videogame form. If you keep an open mind, you might be pleasantly surprised.

sullynathan1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

people who have played video games and critics. No one thinks Metal Gear has a good story or even good writing outside of its rabid fanbase.
I'm not writing off the game part but the story will most likely be as awful as everything else he's done.

G20WLY1622d ago

Well sure, let's just listen to the critics then. Anyone who disagrees must be rabid. Just wow...

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generic-user-name1622d ago

You will never achieve a fraction of the success that Kojima has. Keep trying to talk trash him anonymously on a gaming site though, you look really cool doing it.

sullynathan1622d ago

Top be honest, Kojima is more successful than you too. Keep being his lapdog

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warriorcase1622d ago

"We know Kojima's writing skill, it only goes worse from here."

The man created on of the most beloved franchises that spanned 20 years and has been praised for its narrative. I get if its not your cup of tea, not every body has to like it, but just because you don't like a Stephen king book doesn't make him a bad author does it?

sullynathan1622d ago

Metal gear is a poorly written piece of shit series

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Buff10441623d ago

Would be a huge reveal if true. Not sure if this game is Akira... but there seem to be similarities purely based on some of the key influences in Kojima's life. Might sound ridiculous, but I appreciate it when websites attempt something new instead of the same old thing, so kudos IO!

1622d ago
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