Motion Sensitive Controllers: wave of the future or just another gimmick?

A 4-page article discussing the past motion sensing controllers, and the ones to come from Nintedo and Sony. Will the Wiimote and Dualshake be the future of controllers or just another gimmick?

MoonDust6201d ago

I Truly think the 6 degree thing is dumb, no offense to anyone but i truly think it's useless something Sony put together to impress but didn't. The Wii controller in the other hand is cool i think it could work.

HyperBear6201d ago

One of 2 things. 1. Sony should just drop the motion sensitivity out of their ps3 controller and put the rumble feature back in. OR 2. Make the controller at least more than 6 degrees of sensitivity, maybe you know say 50 or 75 degrees of motion, therfore, you've got peoplemoving in all directions and having fun then just sitting there and moving it just a little to the left and little to the right, whereas the Wii controller, you can move it wherever the hell you want.

GrimFang46201d ago (Edited 6201d ago )

I don't think you get what degrees of freedom are. It would be the greatest breakthrough in physics and mathematics if one could move in 75 degrees of freedom.

OutLaw6201d ago (Edited 6201d ago )

I feel it's good for the wii. But not the PS3. The Wii is more of a child like system. So children could be more active and also helps them lose weight with all that moving. But the PS3 is more like an adult system. You come home from work and want to sit back and relax. I don't think Playing a Game of Madden that you move your Hand around to throw, run, Jump and catch the ball is relaxing. You would be to tired to do that. So yes it's good for the Wii and for the PS3 I think it's a gimmick.

GrimFang46201d ago

Children are active if they're not connected to a TV all day. It's the adults who need this more. As for the PS3, if it's so adult-oriented, it had better come with a stock certificate at that price!

Ragnarock_Shenwong6201d ago

This is one of those topics that has no right answer. It depends how they use it with the consoles and the games themselves. I may say, if gaming becomes of a physical activity, parents may see this as a way to give their children exercise and enjoyment at the same time. Specially with hand-eye coordination, even more so that your usual console controller. Of course, it could backfire cause we as humans fear anything we can't just grasp and accomodate to, just my opinion though. For some of us, we enjoy the idea of something new, cause it's something we have yet to conquer and master. :D

PS360PCROCKS6201d ago

GIMMICK! It wont last, cant be utilized for enough games

ps3willrule6201d ago

it might b a gimmick but who says every game has to incorpoate it?? the games that will, will pry turn out good....i hope with some games to its feautured but u can turn it off in the options menu like vibration....will c

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