Game Awards 2016: Nolan North Wins Best Performance

Nolan North, known for his role in Uncharted 4 as Nathan Drake, won the Best Performance Award at The Game Awards this evening.

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ifinitygamer689d ago

Super deserved, though it would have been great to see a little guy win. I'm of course referring to Firewatch.

Kingthrash360689d ago

"May be drakes last treasure "
Don't know about you but that stung a little.

NukaCola689d ago

Feels swished around in my stomach at that

MVGeneral688d ago

Is there a video for this?

Christopher688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

I wouldn't even consider Delilah from Firewatch compared to Nolan North in Uncharted 4. I may dislike the whole brother from out of nowhere script, but Nolan has a lot more emotional depth to his character in this one compared to the others. Delilah was pretty much the invisible lady and her emotions felt manufactured through repetition and selecting the right one rather than acted out in earnest.

-Foxtrot689d ago


I wanted him or Emily Rose to win so I couldn't be happier

UCForce689d ago

OH YES ! He deserves it ! Hooray !

OrangePowerz689d ago

Well deserved. He also showed a great understanding with his speech of the importance of the people that make games and the work they put into them. It showes that he worked a lot with ND and the developers and didn't record his lines for a few hours and go back home.

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The story is too old to be commented.